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  1. What is the gas phase of a substance that is liquid at room temp and atmospheric pressure??
  2. What is the conversion of a liquid to a gas??
  3. Vaporization depends on what 3 things??
    • 1. vapor pressure of agent
    • 2. temp of environment
    • 3.¬†amount of carrier gas used (N20, Air, O2)
  4. What is the saturated vapor pressure??
    it is the pressure of the molecules that have broken away from the liquid inside a closed container to form a vapor

    *pressure created when molecules "bombard" walls of the container
  5. At a constant temp...what 3 things are true of the molecules in a vaporizer??
    • 1. # molecules entering and leaving liquid are the same
    • 2. # molecules in vapor phase stays constant
    • 3. saturated vapor pressure is present (pressure created when molecules "bombard" the walls of the container)
  6. What is a volatile anesthetic agent??
    a liquid that has the tendency to change into a vapor at a standard temp and pressure
  7. If an agent has a high volatility what can be said about the agent??
    it has a stronger tendency to change into a vapor.. it has a higher Saturated Vapor Pressure (SVP)
  8. What does Dalton's Law state??
    Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure states that the PP of each gas in a mixture occupies a given volume as though it is alone -- other gases do not effect the pressure (each gas has its OWN pressure)
  9. What increases SVP? what decreases it??
    heat: more molecules enter gas phase, less molecules reenter liquid phase

    cooling: less molecules enter gas phase, more molecules reenter liquid phase
  10. What happens to the liquid as a carrier gas flows over the liquid??
    decrease the SVP

    it cools the liquid
  11. What is required to continuously vaporize anesthetic agents and maintain constant SVP?
  12. What is the temperature at which an agents vapor pressure is equal to the atmospheric pressure??
    Boiling point

    if low atmospheric pressure --- low boiling point
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