Study for secondary:geography 2

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  1. What is the difference between weathering and erosion?
    the difference is weathering is the breakdown and decay of rocks that are exposed to the weather and erosion is the break down of rocks and the removal of the particles that result.
  2. How does denudation occur?
    Denudation occurs by weathering and erosion.
  3. Name the 2 types of weathering?
    chemical and mechanical weathering.
  4. Give 3 ways erosion happens
    • moving water (rivers & sea)
    • moving ice (glaciers)
    • moving air (wind)
  5. What is freeze thaw?
    Freeze thaw is the break up of rock by frost action.
  6. where does freeze thaw occur?
    freeze thaw occurs where there is precipitation (rainfall) and the temperature rises above and falls below freezing point (0°C)
  7. What is a scree?
    A scree is a place where all the jagged ends of rock fall off
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