film ch 6: Casting

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  1. Archetypes refers to...
    a typical or perfect example of something
  2. Acting styles differ radically, depending on (1)______, (2)_____, (3)____, (4)________ _______, and (5)__________ ________.
    • 1. period
    • 2. genre
    • 3. tone
    • 4. national origins
    • 5. directorial emphasis
  3. Who was the most popular and critically admired player of the silent cinema?
    Charlie Chaplin
  4. What are the two speeds of film used in silent films?
    • 16 frames per second
    • 22 frames per second
  5. "Silent speed" is a reference to the (1)______ ______ that was photographed and projected at (2)_______ frames per second (fps).
    • 1. silent cinema
    • 2. sixteen
  6. ______ acting tends to favor a mastery of externals, based on close observation.
  7. The post-World War II era tended to emphasize _________ styles of acting.
  8. The Method style of acting refers to...
    an offshoot of a system of training actors and rehearsing developed by Constantin Stanislavsky
  9. The central credo of ____________'s system was, "You must live the part every moment you are playing it."
  10. Emotional recall refers to...
    when an actor delves into his or her past to discover feelings that are analogous to those of the character.
  11. Improvisation refers to..
    making something up on the spot, or an initial reaction
  12. Typecasting refers to...
    • cast in an acting role akin or natural to one's own personality or fitted to one's physical appearance.
    • primarily the person is cast for the same type of role over time.
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