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  1. How much autonomy does a chapter have?
    The chapter is free to make its own bylaws within the constraints of the chapter, The University, and the law
  2. Describe the duties of the executive council
    • Sage-president and chief executive,
    • 2nd-VP and chaplain
    • 3rd-sees to financial obligations
    • 4th-maintains chapter business and paper work
    • 1st-alumni secretary, risk manager
    • Herald-historian and maintains chapter roster and history
  3. Who sits on the Executive Council of the Chapter and what is their position?
    • Sage- President
    • 2nd counselor- vice president
    • 3rd counselor-treasurer
    • 4th counselor-secretary
    • 1st counselor-sergeant at arms
    • Herald-historian
  4. What two concepts were the committee structure developed around?
    "That there is more to do than can be done by the members individually and that each member has something to contribute to the chapter"
  5. What committees are provided for the formation by according to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Grand Chapter?
    New member education, finance, scholarship, social and intramurals
  6. What types of committees are to be applied?
    Standing and special
  7. Parliamentary law and practice in the Fraternity is based upon what?
    Roberts Rules of Order
  8. What is required to end a discussion and vote upon a motion?
    A "second" and 2/3 majority affirmative votes
  9. Approximately how many alumni make up Sigma Pi?
  10. What are the two classes of initiates?
    Active and Alumni
  11. What is the purpose of the Sigma Pi Education Foundation?
    To further the educational goals of Sigma Pi and to provide scholarship to Sigma Pi members
  12. When was the Education Foundation first incorporated?
    June 5, 1952
  13. Who was most directly responsible for the establishment of the Educational Foundation?
    Byron R. Lewis
  14. How much money in scholarships is given out each year to undergraduates by the education foundation?
    50,000 a year
  15. What is the dual purpose of alumni clubs?
    To benefit the local undergraduate chapters and to provide an enjoyable experience for the club's members
  16. What event is held every February and who is it mainly designed?
    Mid-year leadership conference and it is designed for the newly-elected Sage and Third Counselor
  17. What event is held every year when convocation is not being held and who is required to go?
    Sigma Pi University and at least one undergraduate representative
  18. What is a chapter ELC and what is his main purpose?
    Educational Leadership Consultant- A chapter's ELC is on call at any time to help a chapter improve its operations, and manage risks involved in daily life
  19. Who bequeathed Rose Hill to Sigma Pi?
    Marion Patterson, daughter of George Martin Patterson
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