electricity chapter 12

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  1. Direct current (DC)
    • standard current
    • - pole to + pole
    • used in batteries
    • flow of electrons
  2. Alternating Current (AC)
    • home electricity
    • no net flow of electrons
    • wiggly electrons
    • used b/c can travel long distances without loss of power
  3. transformer
    • a device used to ramp up or drop down the current in a line
    • only works on AC
    • step-down and step-upImage Upload
  4. circuit breaker
    • a device used to destroy a circuit when current gets too high
    • useful in power surges
  5. fuse
    • old-fashioned circuit breaker
    • needs to be replaced when its work is done
  6. electrical power
    • the amount of energy a device needs to work
    • measured in Watts (W) or KiloWatts (kW)
  7. watt (W)
    • 1 joule per second
    • used to measure electrical power
    • very small for most appliances
  8. kilowatt (kW)
    • 1000 Watts
    • read Watt (W)
    • good for most appliances
  9. electrical energy
    • the amount of energy carried by an electrical circuit
    • usually used to describe usage by appliances
    • kW⋅h
  10. Kilowatt-hour (kW⋅h)
    a measurement for electrical energy worth one kilowatt of power for an hour
  11. energuide label
    • label on electronics used to describe their energy usage
    • mandatory in Ontario
  12. smart meter
    • a meter that calculates your bill based on when you use your energy
    • on-peak, mid-peak, off-peak
  13. time of use pricing
    • pricing system used by smart meters
    • see smart meter
  14. phantom load
    • useless energy usage
    • usually happens to electronics when they are turned on and plugged in
    • very costly
  15. efficiency
    • a ratio of the amount of energy consumed to the amount of usable energy outputted
    • output/input=efficiency
  16. base load
    • base amount of energy produced by electrical plants to keep up with basic demand
    • commonly refers to the demand itself
  17. hydroelectric power generation
    • you know this already, Andrew
    • Image Upload
  18. intermediate load
    • base load + some activity 
    • usually around morning and evening
  19. peak load
    • most energy used
    • midday
  20. renewable energy source
    • energy source replenishing itself faster than we could ever use it
    • eg. wind, sun, hydro, biomass
  21. non-renewable energy source
    • source of energy that replenishes itself slowly or not at all
    • eg. fossil fuels, uranium
  22. solar energy
    • renewable energy source
    • using the sun to power things
    • solar heat or photovoltaic
  23. photovoltaic effect
    • basically, when light hits silicon, energy is produced in the form of DC
    • must be converted for use in energy lines
  24. biomass energy
    • animal poop=renewable carbon source
    • also includes ethanol and biodiesel
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