Chapter 6: TOOLS

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  1. Lensometer
    measure the back focal length of a lens
  2. Nylon Jaw Pliers
    Commonly used on endpieces, bridges, and brow barsImage Upload
  3. Double Nylon Jaw Pliers
    • Multipurpose adjusting tool for frames with delicate finishes. For bridge, endpiece and temple adjustment.
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  4. Angling Pliers
    Pantoscopic angle adjustments, heavy bridge and endpiece corrections.Image Upload
  5. Snipe Nose Pliers
    • Fine adjustments of curved areas of pad arms, endpieces and eyewires.
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  6. Cutter Pliers
    • For cutting screws.
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  7. Nose Pad Pliers
    • For screw-on, push-on, and clip-on type nose pad assembly adjustments.
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  8. Axis Pliers
    • For lens axis aligning.
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  9. Compression Pliers, Compression Sleeve Cutters, 3-Piece Frame Adjusting Pliers, Hex Wrenches
    • Compression Pliers For assembling compression mount frames.
    • Compression Sleeve Cutters For trimming compression sleeves.
    • 3-Piece Frame Adjusting Pliers For adjustment of drill mount frames.
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