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  1. ASTM
    The American Society for Testing Materials sets standards for sports-related products. Standard F803 sets standards for safety eyewear used in sports.
  2. ANSI
    The American National Standards Institute is a private agency who purpose is to set commercial and industrial standards. Standard Z80.1 sets standard Recommendations for Prescription Ophthalmic Lenses.
  3. OSHA
    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a federal government agency established for the purpose of reducing deaths, injury, and illnesses in the workplace.
  4. FDA
    The Food and Drug Administration is a federal government agency whose function is to enforce laws related to the production and labeling of food, drugs, and cosmetics. Contact lenses and eyeglasses are considered medical devices and fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA.
  5. OLA
    (Optical Laboratories Association) reminded offices about their duty to warn patient about the impact resistance of various lens materials. The dispensing optician has a legal responsibility or liability for the products, services, and information they provide to the public.
  6. “Duty to Warn”
    ” has been used in our industry to inform the patient of the safety aspects of polycarbonate or trivex lenses compared to other lenses. This duty to warn covers the professional from negligence torts involving injury resulting from broken lenses or eyewear. If the optician has knowledge of a product better suited the to the safety requirements of a customer, it is his/her duty to warn the patient so they can make an informed decision. This duty to warn not only applies to ophthalmic lenses. Duty to warn is a common part of negligence torts. The OLA provides a duty to warn kit to help your office comply with informing your patients of the differences in impact resistance of various materials.
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