parasitology practical 2

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  1. Diphyllobothrium latum
    scolex has bothria
  2. Hymenolepis diminuta
    4 suckers, unarmed rostellum, small eggs, short/wide proglotted, 3 testes, 1 ovary,
  3. Hymenolepis nana morphology
    4 suckers, armed rostellum, very small, large eggs in gravid, short but wide proglotted, genital pore out side, 2 testes 1 ovary (no egg)
  4. Dipylidium caninum morphology
    4 suckers, armed rostellum, 2 genital pores attached to ovarys, multiple testes, gravid forms egg mass. long proglotted
  5. Taenia solium morphology
    4 suckers, heavily armed rostemmul,small testes (dots), 13 branched uterus, ovary at bottom, gential pore out side.
  6. Taenia saginata morphology
    4 suckers, unarmed rostellum, testes (dots), 15 or more uterus branches, ovary at bottom, genital pore out side.
  7. Echinococcus granulosus morphology
    4 suckers, armed rostellum, very small, organs not visible
  8. fasciola hepatica
    has neck
  9. fasciolosis buski
    has no neck
  10. paragonimus westermani
    extremely large, visible on slide
  11. clonorchis sinensis
    thin and long
  12. schistosoma
    males larger and have more features than females
  13. Ascaris lumbricoides
    large and does not need scope
  14. Enterobius vermicularis
    narrow with muscular esophagus, large uterus, pin like tail. males smaller than females and have spicule
  15. Ancylostoma duodenale (hookworm)
    large, fang like teeth in buccal cavity, males have copulatory bursa. Sex's same size.
  16. Necator americanus (hookworm)
    smaller "E" shaped teeth,
  17. Dirofilaria immitis
    white stringy looking, no microscope needed
  18. Wuchereria bancrofti
    snake like, nuclei dotted throughout, blood cells floating around. (microfilaria)
  19. Trichuris trichiura
    rod with tail, tail is head section, males curved females straight with volva.
  20. trichinella spiralis
    long skinny, copulatory bursa for males, females larger.
  21. Dermacentor variabilis
    white spotted scutum, males smaller than females, red/brown body.
  22. Ixodes scapularis
    black scutum, males smaller than females, red/brown body
  23. Boophilus annulatus
    have scutum, males smaller than females, all brown
  24. Argas Persicus
    soft body, potato shaped/color
  25. Otobius megnini
    soft body, folded scabby back
  26. Sarcoptes scabei
    nasty looking round thing with legs and mouth pieces
  27. Demodex folliculorum
    catipilar looking
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