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  1. Cecum
    primitive gut
  2. operculum
    in egg, top hatch for mercidium to come out of
  3. glynecophoral canal
    schistomes, groove in male for female to fit in
  4. bothrium
    slit like sucking groove
  5. rostellum
    small mouth like structure that can be armed
  6. strobila
    all of the proglattid
  7. neck
    center part of tapeworm body, between scolex and strobila
  8. gravid
    proglottid filled with eggs
  9. oncosphere
    present in cyclophyllidea, embryo that has 6 hooks. H. nana, H. diminuta, D. caninum
  10. buccal cavity
    mouth piece of nematoda
  11. stichosome
    lines of glands by mouth
  12. vulva
    hole for eggs for nematoda
  13. spicule
    male sex organ for nematoda
  14. copulatory bursa
    male structure at tail of nematoda
  15. microfilaria
    lives in vector
  16. gnathosoma
    head end of arachnida
  17. idiosoma
    back end of arachnida
  18. tagma
    segmented body segments
  19. Hyostome
    part of gnathosoma, inserts, glue, suck
  20. chelicera
    part of gnathosoma, 2 for cutting
  21. Pedipalp
    part of gnathosoma, 2 for tissue manipulation
  22. spiracle
    • -prostigmata- hole upfront
    • -metastigmata- hole in back
  23. haller's organ
    positioned at tip of front legs to sense CO2 and other factors
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