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  1. T or F; All of the functions performed by the engine data manager (EDM) are engine related.
    False; fuel balancing, fuel quantity, nose wheel steering annunciator, display DC volts/amps, hydraulic pressure, NACWS, cockpit PX/ALT, cockpit dif.
  2. The EDM is located ______.
    in then left avionics bay
  3. Where is the N1 gauge?
    lower right gauge in PEDD
  4. T or F; All primary engine data is processed by the PMU prior to being displayed on the primary engine data
  5. In the event of abnormal engine operation, the primary engine data displays will warn the pilot by
    changing color
  6. In order to prevent possible damage due to ground resonance, what is the NP stabilized operation prohibited range while on the ground?
  7. Identify the fuel flow gauge?
    lower right digital display, AEDD
  8. T or F; All data provided to the alternate engine data display is first processed by the PMU.
    False; only torque is processed by PMU first
  9. On the alternate engine data display, ∆P measures ______.
    the difference between cockpit pressure and outside pressure
  10. Identify the oil pressure gauge.
    Top right on the ESND
  11. The engine/systems/NACWS displays provide ______.
    oil temperature, oil pressure, hydraulic pressure, NACWS traffic alerts, DC volts and DC amps
  12. To view the NACWS display, ______.
    depress the trigger switch on the control stick to the second detent
  13. T or F; Shutoff valves activated by the Firewall Shutoff Handle may be reset by pushing handle back in.
  14. When testing the integrity of the fire warning system, you will know the system is working properly if ______ and the aural tone sounds.
    the FIRE and MASTER WARN annunciators illuminate
  15. The engine data manager does not ______.
    control all electronic displays in the cockpit
  16. The primary engine data display system ______.
    provides each cockpit with a visual indication of engine operations
  17. The engine data manager is located ______.
    in the left avionics bay
  18. T or F; The alternate engine data displays serve as a backup to the primary engine data displays, and therefore display some of the same data.
  19. The FIRE switch located in the front cockpit is used to ______.
    test the integrity of the fire warning system
  20. All data presented on the alternate engine data display is processed by the PMU.
    False; only torque
  21. The engine/systems/NACWS display does not ______.
    display outside environmental conditions in each cockpit
  22. Torque limits
    • 0-100%;
    • Out of limits > 100%
  23. ITT limits
    • start: 400-1000
    • ops: 400-820
    • out of limits: > 820
  24. Nlimits
    • normal: 60-104%
    • out of limits: >104%
  25. Np limits
    • Ground: 0-61%/ 81-100%
    • no use: 62-80%
    • flight out of limits: >102%
  26. amber CKPT ALT
    cockpit pressure altitude > 19,000
  27. red CKPT PX
    cockpit pressure differential exceeds 3.9-4.0 psi
  28. Oil temp limits
    • normal: 10-105
    • Caution amber: 105-110
    • out of limits: >110
  29. Hydraulic pressure limits
    • Normal: 2880-3120psi
    • out of limits: 1800< normal<3500
  30. Volts limits
    • amber 21.9
    • Normal 22.0-29.5
    • amber 29.6-32.2
    • red >32.3
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