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  1. What is the brachial plexus?
    an arrangement of nerve fibers running from the spine
  2. The brachial plexus is formed by the rami from the ____ to the _____ nerves and the ____ nerve.
    C5 to C8 (Cervical nerves) and the T1 (Thoracic nerve).
  3. Merging rami form the ___ of the brachial plexus.
  4. The roots unite to form 3 _____.
  5. Where is the brachial plexus located???
    in the posterior triangle of the neck

    *the triangular gap is formed by the anterior and middle scalene muscle and 1st rib --where muscles are attached.
  6. C5 and C6 combine to form the ________ trunk.
    superior trunk.
  7. C7 forms the ______ trunk.
  8. C8 and T1 combine to form the ____ trunk.
  9. Trunks divide into ____.
  10. Divisions are made up of what two parts??
    Anterior and posterior divisions
  11. Trunks run posterior to the ____.
  12. Trunks pass from the neck to the axilla through the _____ ____.
    cervicoaxillary canal
  13. When the trunks cross the first rib what happens?
    they divide into the anterior and posterior divisions.
  14. The anterior divisions usually supply the ______ muscles.
  15. The posterior divisions usually supply the _____ muscles.
  16. All 3 posterior divisions unite to form the ____ ___.
    posterior cord
  17. The anterior divisions of the superior and middle trunks unite to form the ____ __.
    lateral cord
  18. The anterior division of the inferior trunk forms the ___ __.
    medial cord
  19. The lateral cord contains what 3 branches?
    • 1. lateral pectoral nerve
    • 2. musculocutaneous nerve
    • 3. lateral root of the median nerve .
  20. What does the musculocutaneous nerve innervate?
    the flexors of the upper arms
  21. What does the median nerve supply?? (3)
    • supplies:
    • 1. primarily the flexor muscle in the anterior compartment of the forearm,
    • 2. the skin of part of the hand, and
    • 3. 5 hand muscles
  22. The medial cord has 5 branches.. but what are the 2 nerves we should know??
    • Ulnar nerve
    • and medially root of median nerve
  23. What does the ulnar nerve supply??
    • supplies:
    • 1. half of the muscles in the anterior compartments of the hand,
    • 2. most of the intrinsic muscles in the hand,
    • 3. and the skin on the median side of the hand
  24. The posterior cord has 5 branches..what 2 nerves should we know??
    axillary nerve and radial nerve
  25. What 3 areas does the axillary nerve supply???
    • 1. teres minor
    • 2. deltoid
    • 3. skin over inferior half of deltoid
  26. What 2 areas does the radial nerve supply?
    supplies all extensor muscles of the posterior compartments of the upper limb and the skin on the postural aspect of the arm and forearm