Building a Campaign

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  1. Tillman Act 1907
    prohibited corps from making direct contributions to candidates
  2. Corrupt Practices Act, Hatch Act, Taft-Hartley Act
    all attempted to regulate how federal candidates finance their campaigns and limit the corrupting influence of campaign spending
  3. Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA)
    allowed partial funding for candidates. beginning of the looser regulation
  4. Federal Election Commission (FEC)
    indp federal agency made to enforce the election laws. failed to regulate campaign spending
  5. Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA)
    • formally McCain-Feingold act, which regulated political advertising and funding. Set hard limits on campaign funding
    • Was ruled unconstitutional in 2007
  6. Citizens United v FEC 2010
    • declared BCRA's ban on electioneering communications unconstitutional. 
    • Result: campaign spending skyrocketed since 2012
  7. Buckley v Veo 1976
    ruled that there is no limit to how much families can donate to candidates from their own savings
  8. political action committees (PACs)
    fund raising organization that represent interest groups. Legally able to make direct contributions to candidates
  9. 527 political comittee
    orgs which sole purpose is to influence electoral outcomes. Have very limited regulation
  10. 501 (c) groups
    groups which focus raising candidate visibility
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