Chapter 5

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  1. aden/o
    gland - adenitis: inflammation of the gland
  2. albin/o
    white - albinism (leuk/o)
  3. caus/o
    heat - causalgia: pain from heat
  4. celliul/o
    little cell - cellulitis: inflammation of the little cells
  5. hidr/o
    sweat - hidradenitis: inflammation of the sweat gland
  6. icter/o
    jaundice - iteric
  7. kel/o
    tumor - keloid: to resemble a tumor
  8. malan/o
    black - melanoma: black tumor
  9. myc/o
    fungus - DERMOmycosis: fungal condition of the skin
  10. onych/o
    nail - onychomycosis: fungal condition of the nail
  11. rhytid/o
    wrinkle - rhytidoplasty: surgical removal of wrinkles
  12. trich/o
    hair - trichomycosis
  13. xanth/o
  14. xer/o
    dry - xerosis: abnormal dry condition
  15. What are the 2 layers of skin?
    Epidermis and dermis
  16. What is the outter layer of skin called?
  17. What is the innermost layer of skin called?
    Dermis - nourishes the epidermis, provides strength from collagen
  18. What is the 5 strata to Epidermis (GSGLC)?
    Stratum Germinativum, Spinosum, Granulosum, Lucidum, Corneum
  19. What is the 2 layers to DERMIS?
    Papillary (fingerprints) & Reticular (White fibrous tissue that supports blood vessels) & Subcutaneous (supports and nourishes)
  20. Sebaceous Glands
    Oil, lubricates hair and skin
  21. Sudoriferous Glands
    helps secretion of sweat to cool body and rids of water
  22. 4 main functions of the skin (PRSS)
    Protection, Regulation, Secretion and Sensation
  23. Difference between Melanocarcinoma and Melanoma?
    Melanocarcinoa: Cancerous Tumor with black pigment, Melanoma: cancer that develops in the pigment cells
  24. Difference between ERYTHROderma and ERYTHema?
    Erythrodema: abnormal redness of the skin, Erythema: redness of the skin (natural) like blushing or sunburn
  25. Difference between XEROderma and XEROsis?
    Xeroderma: dry skin, Xerosis: abnormal dryness of skin; a condition
  26. FUO
    Fever of Unknown Origin
  27. ID
    intradermal: within the skin
  28. I&D
    incision and drainage
  29. SG
    skin graft
  30. staph
  31. strep
  32. UV
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