psychology 9 key terms chapter 7

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  1. convergent thinking
    Thinking that produces one correct answer; characteristic of the kind of thinking tested by standardized intelligence tests.
  2. divergent thinking
    Thinking that produces many answers to the same question; characteristic of creativity.
  3. dyslexia
    Learning disability that involves a severe impairment in the ability to read and spell.
  4. gifted
    Having above-average intelligence (an IQ of 130 or higher) and/or superior talent for something.
  5. inclusion
    Full-time education in the regular classroom for a child who has special education needs.
  6. intelligence
    Problem-solving skills and the ability to learn from and adapt to the experiences of everyday life.
  7. mental retardation
    Condition of limited mental ability in which an individual has a low IQ, usually below 70, on a traditional test of intelligence and has difficulty adapting to everyday life
  8. phonics approach
    Idea that reading instruction should teach the basic rules for translating written symbols into sounds.
  9. triarchic theory of intelligence
    Sternberg's theory that intelligence consists of analytical intelligence, creative intelligence, and practical intelligence.
  10. whole-language approach
    Approach to reading instruction based on the idea that instruction should parallel children's natural language learning; reading materials should be whole and meaningful.
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