psychology 9 key terms chapter 8

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  1. Androgyny
    The presence of positive masculine and feminine characteristics in the same person.
  2. care perspective
    Moral perspective that views people in terms of their connectedness with others; emphasizes interpersonal communication, relationships with others, and concern for others.
  3. conventional reasoning
    Intermediate level in Kohlberg's theory of moral development; individuals abide by certain standards, but they are the standards of others such as parents or the laws of society
  4. gender stereotypes
    Broad categories that reflect general impressions and beliefs about females and males.
  5. justice perspective
    Moral perspective that focuses on the rights of the individual; individuals independently make moral decisions.
  6. postconvential reasoning
    Highest level in Kohlberg's theory of moral development; individuals recognize alternative moral courses, explore options, and decide on a personal moral code.
  7. preconventional reasoning
    Lowest level in Kohlberg's theory of moral development; individual's moral reasoning is controlled primarily by external rewards and punishment.
  8. self-concept
    Domain-specific evaluations of the self.
  9. self-efficacy
    Belief that one can master a situation and produce favorable outcomes
  10. self-esteem
    Global evaluative dimension of the self.

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