Geog 182A: Lec 3

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  1. Guarani
    -indigenous language in paraguay
  2. Bandeirantes
    -explorers of Brazil in search of slaves and rucges
  3. Reducciones
    -spanish missionary town set up to facilitate colonization
  4. Yerba mate
    • -widespread in the Spanish colony of Paraguay
    • -plant used for herbal remedies, etc
    • -tea
  5. Estancias
    • -spanish
    • -large establishment for raising cattle
  6. Treaty of Madrid (1750)
    • -Spain and Portugal agreed to establish boundaries between colonies
    • -Much of land in Brazil that was Spanish, would become Portuguese
  7. Encomienda
    • -spanish
    • -system in 1503
    • -control and regulate Indian labor
    • -colonists were granted land with Indians
  8. Parana-Paraguay
    -river system
  9. Jesuits
    • -were expelled from Portuguese territory in 1759
    • -huge scale land owners, elite, intellectual, have printing press
    • -slave owners
    • -exempt from taxes
    • -by 1730s largest group of population in South America
  10. What were ranches producing for money?
    • -hides
    • -meats
  11. Guarani:Between Men and women who did the crops?
    -Women did crops, while Men were hunting and gathering crops
  12. Juan Manuel De Rosas
    -military and political leader of argentina
  13. Emphyteusis
    A right to enjoyment of property with a given stipulation that the property will be improved or maintained in an agreed upon manner
  14. Latifundismo
    • -when families own more than one ranch
    • -control vast territories and vast real estates
  15. Santa Fe
    -1610 is established capital of the spanish colony
  16. Entre Rios
    -central province of argentina
  17. Gauchos
    • -nomadic horseman
    • -drew British forces out of the Lapampa
  18. Pion =
  19. Why is labor demand going down on the ranches?
    • -Barbed wire fencing
    • - Many types of barbed wire fencing manufactured out of new England and England.
  20. La pampa
    • -largest plain in argentina
    • -tremendous wealth shown off wutg kuxurious grand houses
    • -ranches were all open range
  21. Rodeo
    • -tire out 4-5 horses in one day
    • -do all work on horseback (raise cattle and livestock management)
    • -had to get off horse when raising sheep
  22. Dried Salt meat
    • -people were eating jerk beef in plantations, while everyone else ate fresh meat
    • -put salt on beef and throw it in the sun, but cover it for rain or it could turn green
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