Geog 182A: Lec 4

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  1. Argentina Al falfa
    • -good for soil fertility
    • -very deep root
    • -lasts for 10-20 years
    • -great for feeding livestock
  2. What’s the Argentineans take on immigration?
    • -very keen on getting people from Europe
    • -Northern Italy, Spain, all other Europeans
  3. Berisso
    -province of argentina
  4. Golondrinas
    • -ranch of the swallows
    • -Santa fe
  5. Transformation of the Pampa
    • -Adaptation of technology
    • -refrigeration
    • -barbed wire fencing
    • -linked with mass migration
  6. USA and Canada problems and similarities
    • -shared grasslands
    • -great unused regions of the road
    • -economic power
    • -west is considered new and weak at first
    • -huge amounts of land to railroad companies
  7. What’s so different in Buenos Aires when it comes to land ownership
    -someone already owns land is already doing something
  8. What’s leading strength in Argentina? (wheat production)
    • -cost of production is cheaper
    • -commercial agriculture coexists with ranching system
  9. Argentina citizenship
    • -hard to get citizenship
    • -no sense of national culture
  10. Juan De garay
    • -spanish conquistador
    • -2nd founder of Buenos Aires
  11. Cabildo
    -spanish colonial administrative unit
  12. Criollos
    • -person born in Spanish America with spanish descent 
    • -ranked in the highest social caste
  13. Plaza De Mayo
    -main square in Buenos Aires
  14. Conventillos
    • -type of housing in Argentina
    • -house in which every room is rented by a family
  15. Barrio Norte
    • -Buenos Aires
    • -north neigborhood
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