Luke Gr. 3 Magnet Vocabulary

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  1. What is a magnet?
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    • A magnet is something that can attract certain metals and has an invisible magnetic field surrounding it.
  2. What does attract mean?
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    • Attract means to pull together.
  3. What is a pole on a magnet?
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    • A pole is the north and south end of a magnet.
  4. What does repel mean?
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    • Repel means to push away.. (Like poles push away from each other.)
  5. What is magnetism?
    Magnetism is a natural force that causes objects to attract or repel, caused by the lining up of their atoms.
  6. What is a magnetic field?
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    • A magnetic field is an area around a magnet in shich an invisible magnetic force exists.
  7. What is an atom?
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    • An atom is the smalles particle that all living things are made of.
  8. What is lodestone?
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    • Lodestone is a rock found in the Earth that is a permanent magnet.
  9. What is a permanent magnet?
    A permanent magnet is an object with atoms that are always lined up and therefore always has magnetic properties.
  10. What is a temporary magnet?
    A temporary magnet is an object with atoms that line up and become magnetized for a short time after being held close to a permanent magnet.
  11. What is an electromagnet?
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    • An electromagnet is a strong temporary magnet created by electricity and permanent magnets.
  12. What is a compass?
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    • A compass is an instrument that uses magnets and the Earth's magnetic poles; it is used by travelers to determine geographic direction.
  13. What do you know about the Earth's magnetic poles?
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    • The Earth is the largest magnet we know.  It has two magnetic poles and a magnetic field, just like other magnets.
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