Michael Gr. 3 Magnet Vocabulary

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  1. What does align mean?
    Align means to line up or place in correct position.
  2. What does attract mean?
    • Attract means to draw or pull, as when two magnets are placed with UNLIKE poles together and their magnetic fields interact.
  3. What is a Cow Magnet?
    • A Cow Magnet is a cylindrical, round ended alnico magnet placed in a cow's stomach to prevent injury by loose wire in feed.
  4. What does demagnetize mean?
    Demagnetize means to make the magnetic field weaker, less magnetic strength.
  5. What is a force?
    A force is any push or pull that causes an object to move.
  6. What does it mean when something is magnetic?
    When something is magnetic it has a magnetic field and displays magnetic properties.
  7. What is magnetite?
    • Magnetite is a type of hard rock with high iron content and magnetic properties, also called lodestone or loadstone.
  8. What is a magnetic field?
    • A magnetic field is the area around a magnet in which magnetic force exists.
  9. What does polarity mean?
    Polarity means having two opposing poles.
  10. What does repel mean?
    • Repel means to push away, as when two magnets are placed with like poles together and their magnetic fields interact.
  11. What is the difference between an ordinary nail and a magnetized nail?
    An ordinary nail is not magnetic and a magnetized nail has been temporarily magnetized by a magnet.
  12. Do similar poles repel or attract?
    Similar poles repel.
  13. Do opposite poles repel or attract?
    • Opposite poles attract.
  14. Name some materials that a magnet can attract through.
    Materials a magnet can attract through include:

    • pie pan
    • aluminum foil
    • pattern block
  15. Name some materials that a magnet will repel through.
    Some materials that a magnet will repel through include:

    • wooden ruler
    • water
    • a hand
    • a shoe
  16. Some items that magnets are attracted to include...
    • nails
    • lids on jars
    • metallic pails
    • cookie tin
    • paper clips

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