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  1. The Senate must approve the president's appointments to leadership positions in the fifteen Cabinet departments.
  2. The president may grant pardons to anyone convicted of a federal crime for any reason.
  3. When a bill is sent to Congress, the president is not allowed to encourage specific members of Congress to vote for the bill.
  4. A divided government is when the president and the majority in one or both chambers of Congress belong to different parties.
  5. Refer to Figure 7.1. Historically, presidents begin their terms of office with higher approval ratings and tend to lose popularity over time.
  6. Congress has the sole authority to declare war.
  7. A president can influence policy by issuing a signing statement to comment on a signed bill, claiming that part of the bill is unconstitutional.
  8. Refer to Table 7.3. Most presidential vetoes are overridden.
  9. The Constitution lays out the plan for presidential power in great detail.
  10. Presidents must be able to persuade executive branch officials and personnel
  11. The Framers included a two-term limit to the presidency in the Constitution.
  12. The Framers believed the legislature was the least dangerous branch of government
  13. Joan O'Leary wants to run for president. She is a natural-born citizen of the United States. She is 45 years old. She has been a resident of the United States for 10 years. Therefore, she meets the requirements to become president.
  14. If Barack Obama wants to disapprove individual items within a spending bill rather than the bill in its entirety, he can use the line-item veto
  15. President Gerald R. Ford was able to pardon President Richard M. Nixon to release him from impeachment.
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