Horticulture Test 2

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  1. If there is 6 mm of polyethylene, how many inches were there?
  2. How can fiberglass be purchased?
    • years of warranty
    • weight (4 or 5oz)
  3. What thickness does glazing material come in?
    4"-8" thick
  4. How do you convert cool cells to aspen?
    1.6 x the number of square feet
  5. What is the preferred fan to pad distance?
    100-225 ft
  6. What is the minimum pad height for a cooling system?
  7. If 100,000 CFM is required and you have 5 fans, how much CFM would each fan have to produce?
    20,000 CFM
  8. What is the spacing between each fan?
    no farther than 25ft apart from the center
  9. If the total pad area is 400 sq ft and the length is 100 sq ft, how tall would the pads have to be?
    4 ft
  10. If the elevation is 1.2, the factor of light is 1.5 and the temperature is 1.0, what is the factor of the house?
    F house=1.8
  11. If the green house is 50 ft wide, 100 ft long and has a F velocity of 1.7, what is the CFM requirement?
    50 x 100 x 1.7 x 8.0*= 68,000 CFM
  12. What is the length of a chrysanthemum cutting?
    5 inches long
  13. How long does root formation of a chrysanthemum take?
    3 weeks
  14. How long does 14, 14, 14 osmocat last?
    3-4 months
  15. When growing chrysanthemums, how many stems are you trying to get?
    3-5 per cutting
  16. What is the night time temperature of a chrysanthemum?
  17. Poinsettias and chrysanthemums are short day plants. To form roots they need what kind of photoperiods?
    long day
  18. Is corn a long day or short day plant?
  19. What chemical makes pink hydrangeas blue?
    aluminum sulfate
  20. What is the pH of sphangnum moss?
  21. What size should the bud be when you disbud a chrysanthemum?
    1/8" to 1/4" in diameter
  22. How many weeks of short day photoperiods does it take to bring chrysanthemum plants to flower?
    9-11 weeks
  23. If there is a 500 sq ft aspen pad area, how many square feet of cool cell is required?
    500 x .63*= 315 sq ft  of cool cell
  24. What is more efficient on a square foot basis?
    cool cell
  25. What is the pH of pearlite?
  26. How much nitrogen does peat moss have?
    less than 1%
  27. What disease attacks seedlings and can be controlled by sphangnum moss?
    damping off
  28. Will light interruption keep a flower from growing?
  29. What is CFM?
    cubic feet per minute
  30. As light density increases, what does the light factor do?
  31. If you want to give plants shade and reduce water loss, what kind of structure would you use?
    a lath house
  32. What temperature is used to expand vermiculate?
  33. Does Jiffy mix contain fertilizer?
  34. Where can you order Poinsettia cuttings?
    Paul Ecke, Encinitas, CA
  35. Are chrysanthemum cuttings long day or short day plants?
    short day
  36. Which is more resistant to hail, fiberglass or lexan?
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