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  1. bright field light microscope
    an instrument that magnifies images using two lens systems
  2. low power objective
  3. smallest space on stage micrometer

    1 ocular spacex (n*0.01/10)
  4. brownian movement
    movement due to random motion of water molecules
  5. true motility
    self propulsion
  6. flagellar motion
    bacteria that posses flagella
  7. gliding motion
    slide over moist surfaces
  8. hanging drop slide
    useful in observing the general shape of living bacteria and arrangement of bacteria cells
  9. negative stain
    will not stain the bacteria because of the negative charge of the stain

    • india ink
    • eosin
    • nigrosin
  10. bacterial smear
    dried preparation of bacterial cells on a glass slide
  11. heat fixing
    gentle heat used on a slide to attach bacteria to slide
  12. simple stains
    • crystal violet
    • carbolfuchsin
    • methylene blue
  13. gram stain steps
    • primary stain- crystal violet
    • mordant- iodine
    • decolorized- 95% ethanolĀ 
    • counterstained

    • gram+ stains deep purple
    • gram- stains pink or red
  14. acid-fast
    • not easily decolorized by acid-alcohol
    • carbolfuchsin heated
    • decolorize
    • counterstain
  15. endospore staining
    • malachite green
    • counter stain with safranin
  16. capsule staining
    • crystal violet- dark purple
    • decolorizing- copper sulfate= removes excess primary stain and acts like a counter stain turning it light blue or pink
  17. media
    • liquid
    • semisolid
    • solid
  18. types of media
    • chemically defined- known amounts of pure chemicals
    • complex- rich in vitamins and nutrients(beef extract, yeast extract, peptones)
  19. sterilization
    material free of all forms of life
  20. autoclaving
    121C 15lbs 15min
  21. calculation
    • TSA
    • (agar + TSB) = Agar powder = 15g/1000mL=(x)g/370mL + Broth
    • powder = 30g/1000mL = (y)g/370mL x=5.5g y=11.1g
  22. colony
    is a large number of bacterial cells on solid medium that can be seen by the eye
  23. fermentations
    energy producing biochemical reactions in which organic molecules serve both as electron acceptors and donors
  24. TSI
    Triple sugar iron agar test used for id of enteric bacteria
  25. TSI
    yellow butt and red slant- due to fermentation of glucose phenol red indicator turns yellow due to persisting acid formation in the butt

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