Basic Cosmetology Practice Exam

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  1. Your license will unlock countless doors for employment; however, your career will be fueled with:
    Personal Dedication and Passion
  2. A success strategy where you imagine yourself working in your dream salon is:
  3. Professionals who have an easy time talking about themselves and listening to others have developed:
    Communication Skills
  4. A fundamental factor in human relations involves a person's sense of ____.
  5. A client consultation is also known as the:
    Needs assessment
  6. Invasion of body tissues by disease causing pathogenic bacteria can result in a(n):
  7. Once-celled microorganisms with both plant and animal characteristics are:
  8. The type of bacteria that rarely shows any active motility is:
  9. A pimple or an abscess is an example of a:
    General infection
  10. Disease causing microorganisms that are carried by the body by blood or body fluids are called:
    Bloodborne pathogens
  11. Which fungus affects plants or grows on inanimate objects but does not cause human infection?
  12. Organisms that grow, feed, and find shelter on or in a host organism are called:
  13. Which of the following is an acceptable way to clean tools or instruments?
    a) using an ultrasonic unit
    b) using a cleaning solvent
    c)washing with soap and water, then scrubbing with a clean, disinfected nail brush
    d) All answers are correct
    All answers are correct
  14. A reaction due to extreme sensitivity to certain foods, chemicals, or other normally harmless substances is a(n):
  15. The cheekbones are also called the malar bones or:
    Zygomatic Bones
  16. The elastic, bony cage that acts as the protective framework for the heart and lungs is the:
  17. The ring muscle of the eye socket that enables you to close your eyes is the:
    Corrugator Muscle
  18. The nervous system that controls the voluntary functions of the five senses is the:
  19. Spongy tissues composed of microscopic cells in which inhaled air is exchanged for carbon dioxide during one breathing cycle are:
  20. The word integument means:
    Natural Covering
  21. Muscles that separate the fingers are:
  22. All of the following are appendages of the skin EXCEPT:
    a) hair
    c) pineal gland
    d) sebaceous glands
    Pineal gland
  23. The stratum germinativum is composed of several layers with special cells that produce a dark skin pigment called:
  24. The deeper layer of the dermis that supplies the skin with oxygen and nutrients is the:
    Reticular Layer
  25. A freckle is an example of a mark on the skin called a:
  26. An abnormal cell mass that varies in size, color, and shape is a:
  27. A hair follicle filled with keratin and sevum forms a:
  28. A noncontagious skin disease characterized by red patches covered with silver-white scales found on the scalp is:
  29. The absence of melanin pigmentation of the body is known as:
  30. Dark brown patches on the skin that may appear uneven in texture, jagged, or raised may be a warning sign ofL
    Malignant Melanoma
  31. The nail plate is constructed of how many layers of nail cells?
  32. The portion of living skin that supports the nail plate is the:
    Nail Bed
  33. Split or brittle nails with a series of lengthwise ridges and a rough appearance to the surface of the nail plate is:
  34. Parasites that under some conditions can cause infections to the feet and hands areL
  35. In the early stages, a typical bacterial infection on the nail plate can be identified as a:
    Yellow-green spot
  36. Onychomadesis is the separation and falling off of a nail plate and can be traced to:
    Local infection
  37. Tinea Pedis is the medical term used to describe:
    Athlete's foot
  38. The hair, skin, nails, and glands are known collectively as the:
  39. The technical term for gray hair is:
  40. The condition of abnormal hair growth of terminal hair is referred to as:
  41. Current research confirms that dandruff is the result of a fungus called:
  42. Tinea is characterized by itching scales and sometimes painful circular lesions and is caused by:
    Fungal organisms
  43. Which of the following scalp disorders is characterized by dry, sulfur-yellow, cup-like crusts on the scalp?
    Tinea favosa
  44. The ability of the hair to absorb moisture is:
  45. Substances used to neutralize acids or raise the pH of many hair products are:
  46. A common volatile organic compound used in hair spray is:
    Ethyl alcohol
  47. A solution with a pH value of 7 indicates a(n):
    Neutral soloutions
  48. The special device that prevents excessive current from passing through a circuit is a(n):
  49. The electrical appliance connection that supplies current to the circuit is the:
    Live connection
  50. Cataphoresis forces acidic substances into deeper tissues using galvanic current from the:
    Positive toward the negative pole
  51. Lasers work by a process that turns the light from the laser into heat called:
  52. The element of hair design that defines form and space is:
  53. Curved lines repeating in opposite directions create a(n):
  54. Contrasting lines are horizontal and vertical lines that create a hard edge and form a:
    90- degree angle
  55. Curved lines that are used to blend and soften horizontal or vertical lines are:
    Transitional lines
  56. The two defining characteristics of hair type are:
    Wave patterns and hair texture
  57. A client's facial shape is determined by the position and prominence of the:
    Facial bones
  58. To offset or round out the square facial type, choose a style that has:
    Volume around areas between the temples and jaw and adds width around the ears
  59. The profile that is considered to be ideal is the:
    Straight profile
  60. Brushes with bristles that have tiny overlapping layers or scales, which clean and add luster to the hair, are:
  61. The treatment that passes water through a porous substance, such as charcoal or a filter, to be purified is known as:
  62. The water-attracting head of the surfactant molecule is:
  63. Shampoos that help close the hair cuticle and are balanced to the pH of skin and hair are:
  64. Two conditioning agents that restore moisture and elasticity to the hair shaft are:
    Protien and biotin
  65. Shampoos that contain special chemicals or drugs that are effective in reducing dandruff or relieving other scalp conditions are:
    Medicated shampoos
  66. When securing a cape as draping for a basic shampoo, do not let the cape touch the:
    Client's skin
  67. Achieving balance within a design can be accomplished by understanding the head shape and:
    Reference points
  68. Placing a comb flat against the nape of the head and finding where the comb leaves the head can be used to locate the:
    Occipital bone
  69. Lines in haircutting that are parallel to the horizon, or the floor are:
    Horizontal lines
  70. The lines used to remove weight to create graduated or layered haircuts are:
  71. When you are building weight in a haircut, the hair should be held:
    Below 90 degrees
  72. A section of hair that determines the length the hair will be cut is the:
  73. A guideline used in a blunt, one-lengthed haircut, or used in over direction to create a length or weight increase is a(n):
    Stationary guide
  74. The conversation where the practitioner finds out what the client is looking for is the:
    Client consultation
  75. Before purchasing shears, the stylist should:
    a)analyze the cost of the shears
    b)determine how many pairs are needed
    c)ask about the service agreement
    d)all answers are correct
    All answers are correct
  76. A one-length haircut where all the hair comes to a single hanging level is also known as a:
    Blunt cut
  77. When using the slicing technique to removebulk, the shears should never be completely:
  78. The technique that allows you to cut the hair very close to the scalp, creating a flat top or swuare shape, is:
  79. A section of hair molded in a circular movement in preparation for the formation of a pin curl is a:
  80. Along the front hairline to prevent splits or breaks in the finished style, the recommended base to use is:
    Triangular base
  81. Two rows of ridge curls on the side of a head are called:
    Skip waves
  82. Large diameter pin curls that are similar to a roller but do not have the same amount of tension are:
    Barrel curls
  83. The panel of hair on which a roller is placed is called the:
  84. The point where curls of opposite directions meet forming a recessed area is called:
  85. When securing a roller, one end of the clip should be under the roller and one end:
    Inside the roller
  86. Combing small sections of hair from the ends toward the scalp to form a cushion at the base is known as:
  87. Grooming brushes that add polish and shine to the hair have a bristle mixture consisting of:
    boar and nylon
  88. A light, soft extension material that does not reflect light and gives the braid a matte finish is:
  89. The three-strand braid produced by overlapping the strands of hair on top of each other is the:
  90. The method of locking where portions of hair are placed between the palms of both hands and rolled in a clockwise or counterclockwise directions is:
    Palm roll
  91. Hair that is arranged so that the cuticles of the hair strands slope in the same directions:
    Turned hair
  92. The least expensive wig option is:
    Machine made
  93. Hairpieces that have openings at the base through which the client's hair is blended are:
  94. Hair additions that are secured at the base of the client's natural hair to add length, volume, texture, or color are:
  95. All perm wraps begin by sectioning the hair into:
  96. Caution should be used with on-base rod placement to avoid additional:
    Stress and tension on hair
  97. In the croquignole method of wrapping, the hair is wound from:
    ends to scalp
  98. Most acid waves used in salons have a pH value between:
    7.8 and 8.2
  99. Exothermic waves create a chemical reaction that heats the waving solution and speeds up:
  100. Waves that are activated from an outside heat source are considered:
  101. Hydroxide relaxers remove a sulfur atom from a disulfide bond, converting it into a(n):
    lanthionine bond
  102. Relaxers that contain only one component and are used without mixing are:
    metal hydroxide relaxers
  103. A combination of a thio relaxer and a thio permanent wrapped on large rods is a:
    Soft curl permanent
  104. The natural coloring pigment found in the cortex layer of the hair is:
  105. Fine hair takes color faster and can look darker because the melanin granules are grouped:
    more tightly
  106. The hair type with a large diameter that can take longer to process hair color is:
    coarse-textured hair
  107. The melanin that gives black and brown color to hair is:
  108. A color obtained by mixing equal parts of two primary colors is a:
    Secondary color
  109. Neutral base colors are often used to cover:
    Gray hair
  110. The coloring products that are regarded as the best for covering gray hair are:
    Permanent haircoloring
  111. The standard volume of hydrogen peroxide used to achieve most results with permanent hair color is:
    20 volume
  112. Hair coloring products that are used primarily on prelightened hair to achieve pale and delicate colors are:
  113. Before performing a coloring service with an aniline derivative product, the client must have a(n):
    Patch test
  114. Lighteners that have a thicker consistency and give more control during scalp application are:
    Cream lighteners
  115. You should NEVER apply hair color to a client if the scalp has any obvious signs of:
  116. Intense light used to destroy the growth cells of the hair follicle is a method of hair removal called:
  117. What is the appropriate hair removal procedure for underarms?
  118. The thick epilator that does not require the use of fabric strips for removal is:
    Cold wax
  119. For waxing to be effective, the hair should be at least how long?
    1 inch
  120. Wax that may cause an allergic reaction and should be patch tested is:
  121. To avoid contaminating wax, the applicator used on each client should be inserted into the wax:
  122. Salon alpha hydroxyl acid exfoliants are often reffered o as:
  123. Oil absorbing masks that have an exfoliating and astringent effect, making large pores appear smaller are:
    Clay-based masks
  124. Masks containing hydrators and soothing ingredients that do not dry hard can be used on sensitive skin are:
    Gel masks
  125. A deep rubbing massage movement in which pressure is applied to the skin while moving over an underlying structure is:
  126. The therapeutic use of essential oils for beauty and health treatment is:
  127. Makeup should be blended onto the skin using:
    Disposable sponges
  128. A darker shade of eye color makes the natural color of the iris appear:
  129. A cosmetic preparation used to darken, define, and thicken eyelashes is:
  130. Which of the following is a main factor to consider when choosing colors for a client?
    a) skin color
    b) eye color
    c) hair color
    d) all answers are correct
    All answers are correct
  131. No matter how light or dark the skin is, a neutral skin tone contains equal elements of:
    Warm and cool
  132. The facial shape that is usually broader in proportion to its length is the:
    Round face
  133. Containers that create the perfect enviorment for pathogens to grow and reproduce are:
  134. Airtight
  135. Nail products designed to soften dry skin around the nail plate and increase the flexibility of the natural nail are:
    Creams and oils
  136. Nail hardeners that are useful for thin, weak nail plates and that should never be applied to hard, rigid, or brittle nail plates contain:
    Methylene Glycol
  137. Nails that are completely straight across with no rounding at the edges are:
  138. Benefits of paraffin bath include all of the following EXCEPT:
    a) Stimulation of circulation
    b) reduction of inflammation
    c)Deep penetration of lotions
    d) reduction of heat sensitivity
    Reduction of heat sensitivity
  139. To avoid the risk of infection, nippers should never be used on clients who are:
  140. A chemical that should never be added to the footbath with the client's feet is a(n):
  141. When applying nail enhancements, surface moisture and natural oils left on the nail plate will:
    Block adhesion
  142. During removal, monomer liquid and polymer powder enhancements should be soaked for:
    20 to 30 minutes
  143. Clients who wish to wear colored polish over nail enhancements should use the:
    one-colored method
  144. Brushes that are used to hold and spread the UV gel are:
  145. Depending on the usage, a typical UV light bulb should be changed:
    Two to three times per year
  146. When contouring a UV gel nail enhancement, bevel down, stroking the file at a 45 degree angle form:
    Top center dome to free edge
  147. After the filing procedure, remove dust and filings with a clean and disinfected:
    Nylon brush
  148. A factor that will affect how well you perform during the licensing examinations and on tests in general is:
    Test-taking skills
  149. Compensation that is paid as a direct result of total amount of service dollars generated for a salon is:
  150. Recommending professional products to clients for at-home care is known as:
  151. Newspaper or radio ads and charitable events are all forms of:
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