Chapter 6

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  1. arc/o
  2. ankyl/o
    • stiffening, crooked
    • ei. ankylosis: abnormal stiffening of a joint
  3. arthr/o
    • joint
    • *oste/o = BONE (Os, Oss)
  4. -blast
    • immature cell, germ cell
    • ei: osteoblast: bone forming cell
  5. burs/o
    • a pouch
    • ei. bursitis: inflammation of a bursa
  6. calcan/e
    • heel bone
    • ei. calcaneal: pertaining to the heal bone
  7. carin/o
  8. carp/o
    • wrist
    • ei. carpal: pertaining to the wrist
  9. carpal tunnel syndrome
    abornal condition caused by compression of the median nerve by the carpal ligament due to insury or trauma
  10. cartilangin/o , chondr/o
    • cartilage
    • ei: chondral: pertaining to cartilage
  11. cartil
    • gristle
    • ei. cartilage: related to gristle
  12. -centesis
    • surgical puncture
    • ei: arthrocentesis: surgical puncture of the joint
  13. clavicul/o
    clavicle, collarbone
  14. coccyg/o , coccyg/e
    • coccyx, tailbone
    • ei. coccygeal (P): pertaining to the coccyx (S)
  15. cost/o
    • rib
    • ei. costal: pertaining to the rib
  16. dactyl/o
    • finger or toe
    • ei. dactylogram: fingerprint
  17. femor/o
    • femur
    • ei. femoral: pertaining to the femur
  18. fixat/o
    • fastened
    • ei. fixation: process of holding or fastening in a fixed position
  19. -gram
    • mark, record
    • ei. dactylogram: fingerprint
  20. gout
    form of acute arthritis, caused by hyperuricemia (excessive amounts of uric acid)
  21. hallux
    big toe
  22. Inter-COST-al
    pertaining to the space between 2 ribs
  23. inter/o
  24. ili/o
  25. kyph/o
    • a hump
    • ei. kyphosis: condition in which the normal thoracic curve becomes exaggerated = "humpback"
  26. ligament (lig)
    connective tissue that connects bones, cartilages and serves as a place for attachment of fascia.
  27. lord/o
    • bending, curv
    • ei. lordosis: abnormal anterior curvature = swayback
  28. lumb/o
    • loin, lower back
    • ei. lumbar
  29. mandibul/o
    • lower jawbone
    • ei. mandibular: pertaining to the LOWER jawbone
  30. maxill/o
    • jawbone
    • ei. maxillary: pertaining to the jawbone
  31. menisc/i
    • cresent
    • ei. meniscus: cresent shaped interarticular fibrocartilage found in certain joints (knee)
  32. oste/o, Os, Oss
    • bone
    • *arthr/o = JOINT
  33. olecran/o
    • elbow
    • ei. olecranal: pertaining to the elbow *uln/a = elbow
  34. osteo-arthr-itis (OA)
    inflammation of the bone and joint
  35. osteoblast
    bone forming cell
  36. ossification
    process of bone formation
  37. osteogenesis
    formation of bone
  38. osteomalacia
    • softening of bones
    • *called Rickets in Children
  39. osteo-POR-osis
    Osteroporosis: decrease in density of bones; abnormal condition
  40. osteo-SARC-oma
    Osterosarcoma: tumor of the bone; cancer arising from connective tissue
  41. patell/o
    • knee cap
    • ei. patellar: pertaining to the knee cap
  42. phalang/e
    • phalanges (finger & toe bones)
    • ei. Phalangeal: PERTAINING TO the finger/toe bones
  43. rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
    chronic autoimmune disease by inflammation of the joints, stiffness and pain
  44. rickets
    condition caused by lack of vitamin D, occurs in children
  45. scapul/o
    • shoulder blade
    • ei. scapular: pertaining to the shoulder blade
  46. scoli/o
    • curvature
    • ei. scoliosis: abnormal lateral curvature of the spine
  47. -scope
    • instrument for examining
    • arthroscope: instrument for examining interior of a joint
  48. spondyl/o
  49. tendon/o
    • tendon
    • ei. tendonitis: inflammation of a tendon
  50. tract/o
    to draw
  51. uln/o
    • ulna, elbow
    • *olecran/o = elbow
  52. xiph/o
    • sword
    • ei. xiphoid: resembling a sword, sword shaped cartilaginouse process which is the lowest portion of the sternum.
  53. arthrography
    recording of a joint - diagnostic examination of a joint
  54. arthroscopy
    process of examining internal structures of a joint
  55. goniometry
    measurement of joint movements, especially for ROM
  56. thermography
    recording of heat - process of recording heat patterns of the body's surface - used for investigation of
  57. bone mineral density test (BMD)
    test used to measure bone mass or bone mineral density
  58. ANA
    antinuclear antibodies
  59. BMD
    Bone Mineral Density (test)
  60. Ca
  61. DJD
    Degenerative Joint Diseas
  62. Fx / #
  63. JRA
    juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  64. jt
  65. KJ
    knee jerk
  66. lig
  67. NSAIDs
    Nonsteroidal Anti Inflammatory drugs
  68. OA
  69. PWB
    partial weight bearing
  70. RA
    rheumatoid arthritis
  71. ROM
    range of motion
  72. TMJ
    temporomandibular joint
  73. Tx
  74. 2 main divisions of the skeletal system
    Axial (80)& Appendicular (126)
  75. osseous tissue
    hard material, rigid and solid, mostly of calcium and phosphate
  76. matrix
    the intercellular substance
  77. osteocyte
    mature bone cell, within lacuna
  78. lacuna
    space for mature bone cell
  79. 6 Classifications of Bone
    Flat, Long, short, irregular, sesmoid & sutural/Wormian
  80. Epiphysis
    ends of a developing long bone
  81. Diaphysis
    shaft of a long bone
  82. Periosteum
    wraps around bone shaft; fibrous vascular membrane that forms the covering of bones except at their articular(joint) surfaces
  83. Compact bone
    dense, hard layer of bone tissue
  84. Cancellous/spongy bone
    reticular network that makes up most of the volume of bone
  85. Condyle
    rounded projection that enters int the formation of a joint, articulation
  86. Foramen
    opening in the bone for blood vessels, ligaments and nerves
  87. Sinus
    Air cavity within certain bones; lightens the skull
  88. Trochanter
    either of the 2 bony projections below the neck of the femur (thigh)
  89. Synarthrosis / syn=together
    • does not permit movement (Fibrous)
    • ei. crainal bones
  90. Amphiarthrosis / amphi=semi, half
    • permits slight movement (Cartilaginous)
    • ei. intervertebral discs
  91. Diarthrosis
    • allows free movement (Synovial)
    • ei. knees, hip, elbow, wrist, foot
  92. Synovial Membrane
    lines joint and procduces synovial fluid which lubes joint
  93. Pronation
    face downward; turning the palm downward
  94. Supination
    face upward; turing the palm upward
  95. Pott's
    fracture of the ankle and affects both bones - fibnula and tibia
  96. Epiphyseal
    fracture usually seen in children; occurs thru growth plate where matrix is undergoing calcification & chondrocytes (cartilage cells) are dying
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