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  1. geocentrism
    The planetary model that shows all the planets and stars orbiting the Earth.
  2. ptolemy
    A mathematical astronomer in Copernicus' time that had an influence on the geocentric model
  3. Aristotle
    A greek philosopher the influenced many European ideas in the Scientific Revolution.
  4. Tychoe Braye
    A Danism nobleman known for his accurate and comprehensive astronomical and planetary observations. He had believed in an earth centered system but that mercury and venus revolved around the sun.
  5. Johannes Kepler
    The first to set fourth the astronomical model and actually portrayed the path of the planets.  These orbits were elliptical.
  6. Galileo Galilei
    The first to give evidence of the heliocentric model. Was thrown in house arrest for contradiction and aggressiveness to the church.
  7. Issac Newton
    A mathematical and Physics genius that developed the laws of gravitation and that all objects in the universe moved with gravity.
  8. Principia Mathematica
    The book published by Isaac Newton that described his findings of gravity.
  9. empiricism
    The idea of rationality through experience of scientific discovery through experience.
  10. Thomas Hobbes
    A philospher who developed the idea that humans are naturally selfish and justificiaton for the strong central political authority.
  11. Leviathen
    The book published by Thomas Hobbes expressing his ideas of human selfishness and cental governemtn.
  12. Second Treatise of Govenrment
    A book published by John Locke that extended an argument that government must be necessarily both responsible to the people and responsive.
  13. projectors.
    • English term
    • for people who would sell their ideas about improving society for money.
    • Despite the fact that most of their ideas were improbable, they still inspired
    • science’s spread and perception as a means of societal improvement.
  14. Margaret Cavendish
    A women in the Scientific revolution that wrote widely on scientific subjects and ultimatley was the most accomplished women in the scientific revolution.
  15. Blaise Pascal
    A french mathematician and a physical scientist who surrendered his wealth to pursue an austere, self-disciplined life, He would write works that  refute dogmatism and skepticism.
  16. cunning folk
    those who helped people cope with natural disasters and disabilities by magical means.
  17. midwives
    women with knowledge if medical skills aided in birth and womenly things
  18. baroque
    A style of art assosciated with teh seventeenth century painting in a naturalistic manner.
  19. Gian Lorenzo Bernini
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