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  1. Darius the great
    • Create capital in Iran (presepelis)
    • builds roads and highways
    • excellent postal service
    • wears purple 
    • "the king of kings" don omar 
    • divides the empire into 20 districts/20 generals(collect taxes)
  2. Xerxes
    • king of persia
    • decides to fight greece 
    • enters Athens, no one is there 
    • Fight and wins the battle of Thermopylae
    • want their navy and army to meet up at Salamon Bay
    • his navy gets destroy
    • he cryies and goes back home
  3. Thermopylae
    • The second battle greece vs persia
    • The battle of Thermopylae 
    • it was a mountain on the way to athens
    • Grece was winning. Persians found a secreat passage, and won
    • the 300 spartans came and saved the greeks 
    • (HOT GATES)
  4. Marathon
    • FIrst battle
    • Marathon beach. 26 miles long 
    • persians got to the beach, greeks were waiting. they attacked and won 
    • They send a guy to athens, he enter the city and yelled NIKE
  5. Salamis Bay
    • where the hird battle took place 
    • battle of salamis bay 
    • Greeks navy did a surprise attack on the persian navy( t bone, jumpu from boat to boat, trow fire arrows) 
    • KIng Xerdes was watching and crying 
    • savrd greeks from getting conquered
  6. Philip of Macedon
    • king of Macedon 
    • He conquered small cities until he conquer all of Greece
    • first king of Greece
  7. Alexander the Great
    • was the son of Philip 
    • the second king of Greece/ great general 
    • Helenistic Age 
    • the conquered Egypt,stays there for 2 yrs 
    • won the GAUGAMELA battle
    • He becomes Pharaoh Alexander
    • city called ALEXANDErR
    • he becomes an alcoholic and gay
    • he conqueres all persia
    • dies on his way back to Greece after his army reveal to go to india 
    • he entered BAbylon. burns the city down
  8. Herodotus
    • The !st historian 
    • book "The history"
    • very FACTUAL 
    • funny 
    • fair talk about persians
  9. Euclid
    • Father of Geometry 
    • book of geo. "THE ELEMENTS" 
    • proofs, problems & theories
  10. Archimedes
    • invented HYDROSTATICS
    • found it in his bath, EUREKA
    • he used levers, pullies to move big objects
  11. Pythagoras
    • A2+b2=c2
  12. Galen
    • medicine
    • if you were sick it was cause IMBALANCE OF FLUIDS 
    • -leeches/Laxantines/vomiting 
    • he did anatomy
    • drawing of the body based on autopses of pigs and apesypies
  13. Hipprocates
  14. Aristotle
    • astronomy 
    • GEUCENTRIC THEORY(the earth doesnt move)
    • stars were on sphers around the warth 
    • behond the spheres was the PRIME MOVER
    • invisible gel ETHER
  15. Aristarchus
    • invented the HELIOCENTRIC THEORY 
    • the earth goes around the sun 
    • 365 days
    • 24hrs
  16. Ptolemy
    improves the Geucentruc theory a little more
  17. Socrates
    • Phylosophy 
    • he questioned evrything 
    • "socratic Method"
    • arrested for two crimes- not believing in the greek gods and corrupting the youth 
    • sentence to death
  18. Plato
    • student of socrated 
    • his own book "The Republic"/ perfect society like EUTOPIA 
    • ruled by gyardians
    • he wanted to abolish the family
    • school:"PLATONIC ACADEMY"
    • gay lover of socrates
  19. Aristotle
    • studied with plato /disagree with everything he said
    • realistic man
    • book "THE POLITICS"? no perfect society 
    • decent society 
    • need of family
    • school : THE LYCEUM
  20. Hannibal
    • he had an army/ and elephants 
    • croosed the pyrenees and the alps 
    • won two battles
    • WON the battle in CANNAE
  21. Cannae
    • where a big battle took place / Hannibal vs Romans
    • Hannibal had elephants and Cavalry 
    • Hannibal won and stayed
  22. Scipio
    • general of Rome 
    • decides to attacj/ conquers spain
    • lands near Certhage city
    • fights agains hannibla in the Battle of zama
  23. Sulla
    • general of rome
    • becames a dictator, later retires and comes a farmer
  24. Julius cesar
    • great speaker 
    • great general 
    • great politician 
    • bold
    • conquer belgium and gaul
    • he has a civil war against pompey
    • goes to egypt/meets and get in a affair with cleopatra/ they have a kid
    • becomes Dictator for like
    • July
    • Cassius/brutus and the senate stab him to death
  25. Marc Anthony
    • married Octavian sister
    • fought for julius revenge with octavian
    • gets east, rules from egypt/affair with cleopatra 
    • fights a civil war agains octavian 
    • he comits suicide
  26. CLeopatra
    • queen of egypt 
    • affair with Julius and Marc anthony
    • runs from the Actium battle
    • comits suicide with Marc
  27. Actium
    • BAttle of  Actium 
    • sea battle
    • marc had more boats that octavian 
    • cleopatra runs, marc fallows
  28. Octavian
    • nephew and adopted son on Julius
    • fought for revenge 
    • wins the actium battle
    • Emperor Augustus 
    • !st emperror of rome
  29. Colosseum
    • plaece for roman sports 
    • 4 levels 
    • a lot of entrances
  30. Circus Maximus
    • Chariot racing 
    • 350k pople 
    • 750yards
  31. Spartacus
    • he was in the army/ he run away
    • got caught and sold as an slave to a gladiator school
    • he and 20 man scape and create a slave army
    • they reached the border with Gaul and his man decided to go back
    • romans cought them on teir way to sicyly and killed them
  32. Antiochus ediphanies
    • He Bains JUdaism 
    • he bands circucision 
    • force jews to eat pork 
    • he takes his army to the temple and sacrifice animal in the temple for Zeus
  33. JUDAH maccabee
    • he was the leader of the jews
    • he ofught back with GUERRILLA WARFARE
    • the jews won and Antiochus leaves? celebraes with chanukkah
  34. Jesus Christ
    • son of GOd 
    • MEssiah
    • performs miracles
    •  the son of the an
    • resurrection he died to clean us form our sins
  35. Paul/Saul
    • Jewish Rabbai
    • he hated jews/ he hunt them
    • on the hwy a ligh talk to him/ he becomes a new man (PAUL) 
    • wrote 13 books in the new testament
    • "leter to the romans'
  36. St. Peter
    the first pope
  37. Nero
    • king 
    • set a Great fire and blamed the christians
    • he killed peter 
    • he persecute christians
  38. Valerian
    • king 
    • 1.public sacrifices
    • 2.confiscate christian property
    • 3.death penalty(pope,prieest, bishops)
    • 4.killed the pope
  39. COnstantine
    • emperor of rome
    • he worshiped roman gods
    • he had a dream with jesus/ he fought and won the bottle.
    • he became christian/ he wanted to help christians so he create the declaration EDICT OF MILAN (equal religion)
    • got christians a compenstion
  40. Diocletian
    • emperor
    • orders the churches to close down
    • collect and burn all of the christians bibles 
    • you couldnt be christian and have a gov. job or be part of the nobility 
    • last persecution
  41. Caligula
    • he had Epilepsy
    • make you kiss big fat toe
    • his dinner partner was his horse
    • had an affair with his sister
  42. Stilicho
    • Roman king who saved the romans from Alaric
    • he was part german
    • he was accused of letting Alaric go 
    • he was killed
  43. Alaric
    • king of VISIGOths
    • he demanded land
    • declare war to romans
    • he run away/ camed back and ask for gifts
    • he came back and destroy Rome 

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