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  1. Hydraulic system pressurizes to?
    3000 +/- 120 psi
  2. Primary hydraulic system operates _____
    • Landing gear; main gear inboard doors
    • flaps
    • speed brake
    • nose wheel steering
  3. Hydraulic pump is powered by?
    Engine-driven pump
  4. Minimum pressure required to operate primary hydraulic system?
    > 1800psi
  5. Engine-driven hydraulic pump supplies pressure to what?
    • power package
    • selector manifold - selector valves
    • emergency system
  6. Return hydraulic pressure to reservoir
    • 50psi
    • piston steps down pressure to prevent foaming
  7. Pressure release valve opens at?
    3250-3500 psi
  8. Purpose of the hydraulic slide valve?
    isolate hydraulic pressure coming from the pump from the emergency system when activated
  9. Emergency hydraulic system is used when?
    • Primary hydraulic system failure
    • engine failure
    • battery bus failure
  10. how does the emergency system stay pressurized?
    • Primary system presses a metal bellows, that in turn, compresses helium gas in the emergency accumulator
    • allows actuators to move without electrical power
  11. The emergency package's manifold contains?
    • two selector valves:
    • landing gear and flaps
  12. Emergency hydraulic system pressure release valve opens at?
    3500 psi
  13. If a leak in the emergency hydraulic system is > .25 gallons/min, a _____
    hydraulic fuse will allow 20-30 cubic inches to pass, then shuts off flow to emergency system
  14. amber EHYD PX LO
    emergency accumulator < 1400 +/-150 psi
  15. Gear horn sounds when
    • Gear handle not down: PCL < mid-range 87% N1, airspeed < 120, flaps UP or TO
    • All gear not indicating DWN/locked
    • Handle DWN with weight on wheels
  16. Gear warning will automatically silence when?
    • gear handle is lowered with flaps UP to TO
    • Check gear
  17. WARNING SILENCE button will not silence:
    • gear UP and flaps LDG
    • gear handle UP, aircraft on ground
  18. A red light illuminated in the landing gear selector handle indicates that the PCL is approaching IDLE, with gear handle up, or which of the following?
    The landing gear doors are not closed
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