idiom. unit 5. experience and perception

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  1. experience
    put it down to experience
  2. stand
    i just want to know where i stand
  3. food
    your suggestions gave me food for thought
  4. lesson
    i have learnt my lesson
  5. teach
    this will teach him a lesson
  6. message
    i think he got the message
  7. record
    i just want to put/set the record straight
  8. grape
    i heard it ON THE GRAPEVINE that ...
  9. figment
    it's just a figment of your imagination. he doesnt love you
  10. sight
    the prime minister seems to have LOST SIGHT OF why she was elected. she broke all the promises to the people.
  11. beat
    what beats me is ... (why people always betray me)
  12. ins
    know (all) the ins and outs of the case
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idiom. unit 5. experience and perception
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