idiom. unit 6. success and failure

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  1. difference
    make all the difference to st

    = have gud effect on st
  2. dream
    work/rung/go like a dream
  3. magic
    it works like magic
  4. strength
    go from strength to strength

    = get better and better
  5. trick
    do the trick

    = solve the problem very well
  6. all
    it is the be-all-and-end-all of st

    = the most important thing
  7. victim
    he's a victim of his own success
  8. chance
    he doesnt have the ghost of a chance of doing st

    = have no chance
  9. give
    finally he gave up the ghost as he knew this would get nowhere
  10. mark
    the bad violent film can leave its mark on children
  11. place
    i knew he would go places.

    • (would succeed)
    • no using in simple tense forms.
  12. big
    hit the big time.

    he is a gud writer but hasnt really ever hit the big time (make lots of money, successful nationally or internationally)
  13. go
    he's really made a go of that restaurant

    = very successful with
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