Roman Family Life

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  1. praenomen A.
  2. praenomen C.
  3. praenomen D.
  4. praenomen L.
  5. praenomen M.
  6. praenomen P.
  7. praenomen Q.
  8. praenomen S.
  9. praenomen T.
  10. praenomen Ti
  11. gens
    clan or families descended from a common ancestor
  12. Roman name order
    • 1.praenomen-given name
    • 2.nomen-fam. name, indicated the clan
    • 3.cognomen-paricular branch of the gens
  13. Education:
    Up to the age of seven, children received training from their homes. They were taught obedience, resurgence, patriotism, and respect for the law
  14. Private elementary school Roman boy was sent to after the age of 7
  15. Roman elementary teacher which taught reading, writing, and arithmetic
  16. Educated Greek slave who served as a tutor
  17. Roman grammar school teacher
  18. After school hours the father taught their son
    hours back riding, swimming, boxing, wresting, and the use of arms
  19. School of rhetoric or college
    Where the boy received training in oratory and politics. If wealthy could continue education by traveling abroad to Greece, Rhodes, or Asia Minor to study philosophy, law, and oratory under famous teachers
  20. The Roman girl role
    to train at home where she would learn to sew, spin, and weave, and the details of housekeeping
  21. tabellae or tabulae
    wax writing tablets made with wooden boards covered with a thin layer of wax. a stilus (stylus) was used for writing on them
  22. tunica (tunic)
    a short sleeved, woolen shirt reaching the the knees. It was the usual garment for indoor wear
  23. toga
    a large, white woolen cloth draped gracefully around the body and extending to the feet. It was worn over the tunic. The toga was the formal garment of Roma citizens
  24. toga candida
    a pure white toga worn by a man seeking public office
  25. stola
    a long, full garment extending to the feet and fastened by the girdle at the waist. It was worn indoors and went over the tunic
  26. palla
    a woolen, shawl-like wrap for use outdoors
  27. toga praetexta
    a toga with a purple border worn by a boy a aristocratic family until about the age of 16. The adolescent then assumed the toga virilis or adult male toga. Priests and magistrates also wore the toga pretext
  28. Ientaculum
    a light breakfast consisting chiefly of bread and wine. Cheese and olives were sometimes added
  29. prandium
    lunch eaten around noon. Among the foods served were bread, wine, cheese, olives, fruit, cold cuts, vegetables, and nuts
  30. cena
    the dinner or principal meal eaten in the evening. it was usually a hot meal consisting of soup, fish, fowl or meat, vegetables, and fruit
  31. Substitution of sugar
  32. Substitution of butter
    Olive oil
  33. Olive oil was used for...
    an ointment after bathing, fuel for lamps, and as an ingredient in the making of perfume
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