Marketing Chap. 8

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  1. Product
    tangible and intangible qualities that a buy receives in exchange for money
  2. Total product concept
    • product is more than physical state and benefits
    • tangible = brand, packaging, warranty
    • intangible = feelings, positioning
  3. Product mix
    total range of products offered by a company
  4. product item
    • unique product offered for sale
    • USP
  5. Product line
    • group or category of products that share major attributes in common
    • includes width and depth
  6. Product Width
    # of subcategories w/i the mix
  7. Product Depth
    # of items w/i each line
  8. Consumer Goods
    products/ services bought by consumers, for consumers
  9. Industrial (business) Goods
    products/ services bought by business to produce or resell
  10. Convenience Goods
    • frequent purchases w/o much thought or effort
    • inexpensive, little time shopping
    • eyecatching, cheap
  11. Shopping goods
    • comparison shopping based on quality, price, style. 
    • More rational
  12. Specialty Goods
    • consumer makes an effort to find b/c of benefits sought
    • placement is a big effort
    • higher price, image
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