UNIT 4: Study Designs

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  1. What is Nonexperimental and Experimental Research?
    Nonexp: Examines the relationship between variables without any attention to cause and effect relationships. 

    Exp: Examines the cause and effect relationship between variables.
  2. What are the 3 types of ways research methods differ?
    • 1- The nature of the question asked
    • 2- The method used to answer it
    • 3- The degree of precision the method brings to answering the question
  3. What is the Descriptive study design?
    • - one (or more) groups
    • - assess variables of interest
    • - describe their qualities and/or associations
    • - empirical (observe, record)
  4. What is the Single case study Designs?
    • - One person (or family)
    • - assess person
    • - apply treatment & assess person
    • - remove treatment & assess
    • - reapply treatment & assess
  5. What is the Experimental study design?
    (hardly use because of ethical trauma, stress, etc. can't randomly assign)

    - 2 or more groups (treatment & control group)

    • - assign group membership randomly
    • - assess groups (pretest)
    • - apply treatment to treatment group
    • - assess & compare across groups
  6. What is the Quasi-Experimental study design?
    - 2 or more groups (treatment & control groups)

    • 1: Cross-Sectional Q-E Design
    • - assess & assign group membership
    • - compare across groups

    • 2: Longitudinal Q-E Design
    • - assess & assign group membership
    • - apply treatment to treatment groups
    • - assess & compare across groups 

    • 3: Prospective Q-E Design
    • - all participants start in control group
    • - repeatedly assess sample 
    • - assign to treatment group based on participant experience
    • - assess & compare across groups
  7. What is Descriptive Research? (nonexp or exp?)
    Focuses on events that occur in the present. 

  8. What is Correlational Research? (nonexp or exp?)
    It examines the relationship between variables. 

  9. What is historical research? (nonexp or exp?)
    provide a picture of events that have occurred in the past.

  10. What is Qualitative research? (nonexp or exp?)
    Studies phenomena within the social and cultural context in which they occur.
  11. What is True experimental research method? (nonexp or exp?)
    Examines direct cause & effect relationship. Participants are assigned to groups based on some criterion.

  12. What is Quasi-Experimental research? (nonexp or exp?)
    Participants are preassigned to groups based on some predetermined characteristic or quality. Studies also focus on cause and effect. 

    It is also called post hoc 

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