management of fungal infections (6 questions)

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  1. how are yeasts acquired
    through breakdown in the bodys normal barriers
  2. how are molds acquired
    result of accidental inhalation of airborne spores
  3. what pathogen causes the most opportunistic infections
  4. is candida a yeast or a mold
  5. S/sx of candidiasis infection
    • increase WBC
    • feverĀ 
    • hypthermia
    • hypotension
    • inflammation at site
  6. when is prophylaxis for candidiasis infection done
  7. what is the most common cryptococcosis species
    c. neoformans
  8. where is cryptococcosis found and how is it acquired
    found in soil and pigeon droppings and it is acquired through inhalation
  9. where does cryptococcosis present
    • CNS (meningitis)
    • lungs
    • skin
  10. cryptococcal meningitis treatment
    • amphotericin first 2 weeks
    • fluconazole next 8 - 10 weeks
    • HIV pts get low dose fluconazole for life
  11. what are the mold species
    • aspergillus
    • zygomycetes
  12. where are aspergillus species found and how are they acquired
    they are found in soil, water, decaying vegetables and they are acquired through inhalation
  13. what is the most common aspergillus species
  14. most common clinical presentation of aspergillus
    can present anywhere but pulmonary is most common
  15. what is the primary therapy for aspergillus infections
    voriconazole or amphotericin B (all forms)
  16. what is the alternative tx for aspergillus infections
  17. what is the salvage therapy for aspergillus infections
  18. how do you treat superficial infections
    topical antifungals
  19. where is zygomycosis found
    • dirt
    • rotting wood
  20. what is the treatment for zygomycosis
    • amphotericin BĀ 
    • posaconazole
  21. where is blastomyces endemic to
    Mississippi and Ohio river basins, mid west
  22. how do you treat mild to moderate pulmonary blastomyces infection
  23. how do you treat mod/severe blastomyces infection
    amphotericin B
  24. what area is the coccidioidomycosis species found
    southwestern US from Cali to Texas
  25. how do you treat coccidiodomycosis infections
    • fluconazole
    • itraconazole
    • ampho B (reserved)
  26. what is tinea pedis
    athletes foot
  27. what is tinea cruris
    jock itch
  28. what is tinea corporis
    trunk and legs
  29. what is tinea capitis
    scalp ringworm
  30. what is onychomycosis (tinea unguium)
    infection of nails
  31. how do you treat dermatophyte infections
    • topical creams
    • terbinafine
    • itraconazole
    • fluconazole
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