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  1. What does using flaps in the landing setting allow you to do?
    Maintain approach glidepath while reducing airspeed
  2. Flap circuit breaker is located on the ___ bus
  3. flap system includes:
    • two selector valves
    • an emergency extension selector solenoid
    • flap actuator
    • flap torque tube
    • associated microswitches
  4. Emergency flap extension can only be operated after______
    • the emergency landing gear handle has been activated
    • powered by hot battery bus
  5. Flap operation when using aux battery as the only source of power
    no flap operation or position indication is available
  6. what happens is the primary hydraulic system fails?
    the flaps can be operated using the emergency system package
  7. Before operating the flaps using the emergency system, you must ______.
    lower the landing gear using the emergency sytem
  8. Speed brake circuit breaker on the ____ bus
    • generator bus
  9. Three things that will retract the speed break:
    • speed break switch is moved forward
    • flaps are extended
    • PCL is moved to max
  10. which of the following is a critical limitation of the speed brake?
    the speed brake does not operate using the emergency hydraulic system
  11. where doe sthe pressure come from that causes the mechanical force to extend the speed brake?
    primary hydraulic system
  12. NWS is on the ____ bus.
  13. the nose wheel is free castoring, turning up to ___ in either direction
  14. NWS on, the nose wheel will move up to ___ in either direction
  15. which of the following is an important difference between using the NWS or differential braking?
    NWS is more sensitive than differential braking
  16. each brake unit is a disc brake with ____ pistons and _____ discs
    six; two
  17. Which is the procedure for activating the parking brake?
    pull and turn the handle 90 degrees clockwise while pushing on the toe brakes
  18. The ___ is (are) interconnected with the elevator trim tab actuator to automatically input pitch trim to compensate for pitch effects as it is operated
    speed brake
  19. which statement below is correct regarding flap operations?
    emergency flap operation IS NOT available when the aux battery is the only source of electrical power
  20. if the flap indicator fails, how can flap extension be confirmed?
    observing a slight nose up tendency
  21. which is true regarding the nose wheel steering system?
    the NWS system is separate from the selector manifold
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