Plumbing test 2

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  1. This water is safe for human consumption
    Potable Water
  2. Water Purity is inspected by this administration and regulated in each state
    Local Heath Administrations
  3. If building outside of municipal water supply you must have a health permit?

    T or F
  4. This drinking regulation is considered standard and enforceable by law
    The National Primary Drinking Water Regulation
  5. There is such thing as the The National Secondary Drinking Water Regulation?

    T or F
  6. This is the Water Act that is federal law and deals with EPA
    The Safe Drinking Water Act
  7. Two most common threats to private Water Systems
    • Nitrates
    • Coliform Bacteria
  8. Difference between Water Service and Water Distribution
    Water Service: Piping from meter or well to building

    Water Distribution: The piping through the house
  9. Water Distribution piping can use PE and PVC but these cannot be used inside a building why?
    Because they are not rated for  hot water
  10. 2x4
    • 1.5x3.5
    • 1.5x5.5
    • 1.5x7.25
  11. How far must pipes be buried under ground
    Atleast below frost line
  12. Typical pressure switch for  a well system pump is set between?
    30 and 60psi
  13. Code dictates that a pressure reducing valve must be present if incoming pressure exceeds?
  14. If sewer andwater lines must be located at same elevation then they must be seperated by ___ ft.
    5 ft.
  15. If water and  sewer line  in same trench then the ____ line must be located ____ Ft. Above the _____ linee
    • Water
    • 1'-0"
    • Sewer
  16. Most piping is Schedule ____
  17. The rate the water flows through piping is known as _____
  18. Available water of a certain pipe size is based on _____ and ______
    Volume and Pressure
  19. The two common types of walls are_____ and _____. Which one is inside vs exterior
    Load-Bearing: Exterior

    Partition: Interior
  20. These seperate different levels of a house
  21. Codes says that holes may not be drilled in the _____ of a span.
    Middle 1/3
  22. A compound is used for threaded connection and is known as...
    Pipe Dope
  23. A sealant known as____ tape, also used for _____ connections and is as watertight as ______
    • Teflon Tape
    • Threaded Connections
    • Pipe Dope
  24. This is used for soldering copper tube?
    Flux paste
  25. When testing water distribution systems you may have to pump system up to ____psi to pass code
  26. T or F: Every plumbing fixture connected to a drain system must be protected by a trap?
  27. Building Drain vs Building Sewer
    Connected by what and how far max
    • Building Drain BD: Inside
    • Building Sewer BS: Outside

    Connected by Cleanout no further than 10' ft from house
  28. The _____ Stack is the main vertical pipe that begins with  its connection to the building drain and terminates at stack vent
    Waste Stack
  29. The vent for the wast stack that begins at the highest branch connection to the waste stack. Extends through roof and is dry piping
    Stack Vent
  30. T or F: The base of every stack does not need a clean out installed
  31. This type of vent is also used as a drain and can be used for more than one fixture
    Wet Venting
  32. Two majore segments of a DWV system
    A Waste Stack and Building Drain
  33. Joist can not be drilled in the top or bottom _____"'s
  34. This type of valve is installed under kitchen sinks typically sinks located in an island
    Air Admittance Valve
  35. This is the lowest horizontal portion of a dwv
    Building drain
  36. The Code says that atleast one vent system be a minimum of __ "s
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