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  1. What are the aileron trailing edge traveling limits?
    • 20 up
    • 11 down
  2. How are the ailerons mass balanced and what function does this perform?
    small weights at the leading edge ensure the CG of each aileron is at the pivot point. necessary because the mass of each aileron is rearward of the hinge line
  3. what is the function of the trim disconnect switch?
    it removes power from the trim system and disengages the trim aid device
  4. What are the indications the trim disconnect switch has been selected?
    the green TRIM OFF and TAD OFF annunciator lights will illuminate
  5. how is electrical power provided to operate the aileron and elevator trim system?
    battery bus/ front cockpit
  6. what gauge color indicates hydraulic pressure is in the extended scale, but within safe operating limits?
  7. when is the emergency landing gear extension system used?
    loss of either primary hydraulic system or battery bus power, or engine failure
  8. Where is the SPEED BRAKE circuit breaker located?
    generator bus
  9. What are the indications of abnormal primary flight control operations?
    • uncommanded pitch, roll or yaw
    • sluggish response to control inputs
  10. if the EHYD PX LO illuminates, what aircraft devices should you consider inoperative?
    emergency landing gear and flap extension
  11. what are some indications of unsafe landing gear?
    • indicator lights
    • lack of noticeable drag
    • AOA indexer not active
    • lack of noticeable noise
  12. what indicator lights would illuminate with the main gear down, the nose gear still fully retracted, and the PCL above idle?
    Two green mains, Two red mains, red gear handle light
  13. when lowering flaps using the emergency system, what two conditions might result?
    extend partially or take longer to extend
  14. What does the red light in the landing gear selector handle indicate when illuminated?
    • gear doors are not closed
    • PCL is approaching IDLE with gear handle UP
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