Chapter 9 For Unit 2

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  1. The "Father of the Constitution"
    James Madison
  2. Shay's Rebellion convinced many Americans of the need for...
    A strong central government
  3. Electoral Collage
    • A body of people representing the states of the US, who formally cast votes for the election of the president and vice president.
  4. By their actions, the
    delegates to the Constitutional Convention manifested their common beliefs in...
    • checks +
    • balances in gov, manhood suffrage in democracy, sanctity of private property,
    • stroger central gov
  5. The one brance of the gov elected directly by
    the people is the...
    • House of
    • Representatives
  6. The antifeds camp included
    • state
    • right supporters, backcountry dwellers, paper money advocates, debtors
  7. Amoung the other views, the
    Federalist, written during the rev debate, argued that it was...
    • possible
    • to extend a republican form of gov over a large territory
  8. The Ordinances of 1785 and
    1787 were notable accomplishments because they
    • Initiated a territorial policy that provided fore the orderly
    • creation of new states.
  9. The founding fathers failed to eliminate
    slavery because
    a fight over slavery might destroy national unity
  10. Major weaknesses of Articles of Confederation
    • No executive power 
    • No national court system
    • No power to tax 
    • No power to regulate interstate trade 
    • Shared power to coin money with the states
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