Legal Descriptions

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  1. When surveying land, a surveyor refers to the principal meridian that is:

    a.) nearest the land being surveyed.
    b.) in the same state as the land being surveyed.
    c.) not more than 40 townships or 15 ranges distant from the land being surveyed.
    d.) within the rectangular survey system area in which the land being surveyed is located.
  2. The N1/2 of the SW1/4 of a section contains how many acres?

    a.) 20
    b.) 40
    c.) 60
    d.) 80
  3. In describing real estate, the system that may use a property's physical features to determine boundaries and measurements is:

    a.) rectangular survey
    b.) metes-and-bounds
    c.) government survey
    d.) lot-and-block
  4. A buyer purchased a half-acre parcel for $2.15 per square foot. What was the selling price of the parcel?

    a.) $774
    b.) $46,827
    c.) $1,376
    d.) $93,654
  5. How many acres are contained in the tract described as "beginning at the NW corner of the SW1/4, then south along the west line to the SW corner of the section, then east along the south line of the section 2,640 feet, more or less, to the SE corner of the said SW1/4, then in a straight line to the POB?

    a.) 80 acres
    b.) 90 acres
    c.) 100 acres
    d.) 160 acres
  6. If a farm described as "the NW1/4 of the SE1/4 of Section 10, Township 2 North, Range 3 West of the 6th.P.M." sold for $1,500 an acre, what would be the total sales price?

    a.) $15,000
    b.) $30,000
    c.) $45,000
    d.) $60,000
  7. As a legal description, "the northwest 1/4 of the southwest 1/4 of Section 6, Township 4 North, Range 7 West" is defective because it contains no reference to:

    a.) lot numbers
    b.) boundary lines
    c.) a principal meridian
    d.) a record of survey
  8. A man buys 4.5 acres of land for $78,400. An adjoining owner wants to purchase a strip of this land measuring 150 feet by 100 feet. What should this strip cost the adjoining owner if the owner sells it for the same price per square foot he originally paid for it?

    a.) $3,000
    b.) $6,000
    c.) $7,800
    d.) $9,400
  9. Which of the following are NOT basic components of meters-and-bounds descriptions?

    a.) Tangible and intangible monuments
    b.) Base lines, principal meridians, and townships.
    c.) Degrees, minutes, and seconds
    d.) Points of beginning
  10. A property contains ten acres. How many lots of not less than 50 feet by 100 feet can be sub-dived from the property if 26,000 square feet were dedicated for roads?

    a.) 80
    b.) 81
    c.) 82
    d.) 83
  11. A parcel of land is 400 feet by 640 feet. The parcel is cut in half diagonally by a stream. How many acres are each half of the parcel?

    a.) 2.75
    b.) 2.94
    c.) 5.51
    d.) 5.88
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