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  1. Snapper - Shishito peppers $17
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    • Yellowtail Snapper(Dentice) with thinly sliced:
      • Shishito peppers,
      • avocado,
      • radish,
      • Nepitella mint, and
      • tangerine supremes.
    • It's dressed with a blood orange reduction and Primolio EV Olive Oil.
    • Notes: Nepitella mint (mentuccia) taste like mint + oregano.
    • Shishito peppers are not really spicy.
  2. Tuna - Taggiasca olive $18
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    • Chopped sushi-grade Yellowfin Tuna rubbed in Primolio EV Olive Oil, over a layer of white beans puree, topped with a Taggiasca olives tapenade, and dressed with tomatoes water and basil olive oil.
    • The tapenade contains:
      • capers,
      • semi-dried tomatoes, preserved in olive oil,
      • Taggiasca olives, and
      • basil.
  3. Scungilli - rooftop herbs $15
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    • The Scungilli are hot-steamed (to take out of the shell) and served with:
      • chopped micro-chives,
      • green Castelvetrano olives,
      • diced carambola (starfruit),
      • shaved celery strings, and
      • lemon juice.
    • The dish is dressed with celery juice and basil oil.
  4. Tripletail - toasted pistachio $16

  5. Oysters - Sebastian Salt, FL / Chesapeake, VA Blue Point, CT $3.50

  6. Osetra Caviar - Florida / Italy / Russia MP
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