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  1. exam of the bladder and ureters using xray and contrast medium
  2. procedure to treat stones in the kidney bladder or ureters. crush stones
  3. condition causing pain in the hands and feet by nerve tissue damage
  4. anuria
    without urine
  5. septicemia
    infection in the blood
  6. condition characterized by musculoskeletal pain
  7. surgical removal of the spleen
  8. polyuria
    excessive urine
  9. inflammation of nephrons in the kidney
  10. angiography
    exam of the blood vessels
  11. hemolysis
    rupture of red blood cells
  12. spondylosis
    characterization by spinal degeneration with pain
  13. hyperlipidemia
    elevated blood cholesterol levels
  14. cardiomyopathy
    deterioration of the myocardium
  15. cellulitis
    skin inflammation usually secondary to a bacterial infection
  16. hyperthyroidism
    elevated blood levels of thyroid hormones
  17. splenomegaly
    enlargement of spleen
  18. cardiomegaly
    enlargement of heart
  19. meningitis
    inflammation of the tissue lining the CNS
  20. surgical repair of the abdomen
  21. hydrocele
    accumulation of clear fluid in the testicle
  22. laryngscope
    instrument used to visualize the larynx during intubation
  23. enteritis
    inflammation of intestines
  24. hypertrophy
    excessive growth
  25. procedure involving direct visualization of a joint
  26. surgical removal of the gall bladder
  27. excessive levels of blood sugar
  28. referring to area around the rectum
  29. costochondritis
    inflammation of the costal tissue between ribs
  30. neoplasm
    abnormal growth of a tissue mass
  31. hepatomegaly
    enlargement of the liver
  32. esophagitis
    inflammation of the esophagus
  33. tachycardia
    fast heart rate
  34. hypoglycemia
    decreased blood sugar levels
  35. atherosclerosis
    thickening of blood vessel walls secondary to accumulation of fatty materials
  36. autoimmune
    destructive immune reaction of the body to tissues
  37. bradycardia
    slow heart rate
  38. hematoma
    local collection of blood outside blood vessels
  39. pathology
    study of disease
  40. extracorporeal
    outside of the body
  41. contraindication
    a condition or factor for withholding certain medical treatment
  42. laryngitis
    inflammation of the larynx
  43. pneumothorax
    collapsed lung
  44. colitis
    inflammation of the colon
  45. arthroplasty
    repair of a joint
  46. cholecystitis
    inflammation of the gall bladder
  47. bronchitis
    inflammation of the bronchus
  48. tracheotomy
    surgical incision of the trachea
  49. pyelonephritis
    inflammation of the pelvis of the kidney
  50. leukocytosis
    increased levels of white blood cells
  51. thoracotomy
    surgical incision of the chest
  52. hypothyroidism
    decreased levels of thyroid hormone
  53. dyspnea
    difficulty breathing
  54. thoracentesis
    surgical replacement of a chest tube to remove fluid or air
  55. bilateral
    on both sides
  56. cystoscopy
    procedure involving direct visualization of the bladder
  57. intravascular
    within the blood vessel
  58. postictal
    immediate period of time after a seizure
  59. cardiocentesis
    surgical procedure introducing a hollow needle into the heart to drain fluid
  60. gluconeogenesis
    generation of glucose from non carbohydrates
  61. intravenous
    within the vein
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