Am Htg Midterm 2 Ch 5

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  1. taxation without representation
    rallying cry of the colonists during the revolutionary period because of the taxes placed on them by parlaiment in which they had no representation
  2. continental congress
    a body of representatives from the british north american colonies who met to respond to england's intolerable acts, declared independence in july 1776 and later drafted the articles of confederation
  3. Patrick Henry
    "Give me liberty or give me death" speech in the Virginia house of burgesses, anti-federalist who pushed for a bill of rights to be added to the constitution
  4. Thomas Paine
    english intellectual, scholar, revolutionary, deist, and idealist, who spent much of his time in america and france, radical pamphleteer, helped foment the american revolution through his writings, ie common sense
  5. Thomas Jefferson
    3rd president of the US, principal author of the declaration of independence, influential founding father of the US, promoted classical liberalism, republicanism, and the separation of the church and state, author of the virginia statute for religious freedom, which was the basis for the establishment clause of the first amendment of the constitution
  6. George Washington
    led america's continental army to victory over britain in the revolutionary war, 1st president of the US, often called the "father of his country"
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