African americans

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  1. Africa is the ___ largest continent?
  2. terrain of Africa?
    • tropical
    • desert
    • grasslands
    • high mountains, forests
    • sahara
  3. largest desert in the world/
    sahara desert
  4. cultural identity in Africa/
    very strong
  5. where were Africans brought over to the US from?
    west africa
  6. what were African slaves valued for?
    agricultural expertise (growing)
  7. family?
    immediate and extended family was valued highly
  8. religion?
    valued highly in African culture
  9. instrumental in development of US culture? still a minority
  10. African americans comprise the US's ______ largest ethnc minority
  11. socioeconomic status of African americans is?
  12. priority of duty and commitment to one's social group over individual prviliedges
  13. centrality of emotional cues and expressiveness
  14. involves cultivation and expression of uniqueness
    expessive individualism
  15. nonmaterial forces that permeate one's life
  16. commitment to oneness with nature
  17. special importance of knowledge gained through words or speech
  18. importance of movement, music, syncopation and dance
    movement expressiveness
  19. receptiveness to high levels of sensory stimulation
  20. what is a huge part of African American cuisine?
  21. diet of a modern day west African?
    • fish is favored to meat
    • vegetarian
  22. snacks of African cuisine?
    deep fried fish and plantain, rice, black eyed peas, yam balls, peanut candy, baked bananas
  23. flavors of African cuisine?
    curry, coconut milk, onions, chilli peppers, tomatoes, cumin, garlic, peanuts, lime sugar, honey,
  24. what diets are African cuisine similar too?
    • mediterranean
    • creole
    • southern
    • indian
  25. staples of African cuisine?
    • maize
    • fufu
    • cassava
  26. ground starch cereal formed into balls and dipped into sauce
  27. early diet of Africans in US?
    • pork
    • corn
    • greens
  28. protein?
    • pork leftovers, small game, fishh
    • legumes
    • chicken
  29. grains?
    • corn
    • rice
  30. starch
    • sweet potatoes
    • squash
  31. fruit?
    low intake, watermelon
  32. vegetables?
    greens, okra, peas, tomatoes, onions, peppers
  33. where did early Africans get there food
    food from slave owners and personal plots
  34. corn replaced?
    many traditional starches like puddings, breads, grits, hominy
  35. lard replaced?
    palm oil
  36. hot sauce replaced?
    fresh chili peppers
  37. what was lost in new diet?
    most nuts and seeds except for peanut and sesame seeds
  38. traditional meals per day?
    2, plus snacking
  39. order of who got fed?
    men, boys, girls, women
  40. southern meal composition?
    • large leisurely breakfast
    • lunch was main meal
    • dinner varied in size
  41. sunday dinner?
    all day event
  42. unity, self determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith?
  43. when the civil rights movement was just beginning, terms like ____, ____, and just ___ were used in connection with blacks themselves
    • soul man
    • soulful
    • soul
  44. black cuisine is known as?
    soul food
  45. today, soul food is often only eaten at?
    sunday dinner
  46. soul food is associated with?
    fresh meats and vegetables made from scratch and cooked throughly
  47. items in soul food are preferred?
    well spiced
  48. soul food is a symbol of?
    ethnic solidarity
  49. soul food serves as an emblem of?
    identity and a recognition of black history for many African americans
  50. how is ethnic identity preserved through soul food?
    it is handed down through oral history
  51. religion plays a big role?
    spirituality combined with food
  52. dominant figure of soul food?
    black women
  53. is a bigger body acceptable with soul food?
    • yes, it represents health and prosperity
    • compliment of the wonderful cooking
  54. typical soul food table?
    • watermelon
    • ribs
    • candied sweet potatoes or yams
    • greens
    • fried chicken
  55. new types of healthier, substitutions for soul food?
    • canola oil for lard
    • chick for pork
    • oven friend chicken for deep fried
  56. nutritional status goes hand in hand with?
    socioeconomic status
  57. why is lactose intolerance common?
    low intake of dairy
  58. sodium intake is high bc?
    high intake of fast/convenience food
  59. 3 prevalent concerns for health status?
    • hypertension
    • type 2 diabetes
    • obesity
  60. African Americans today have a high rate of?
    premature, low birth weight babies
  61. #1 health problem for African americans?
  62. African americans are also 2x the likelihood of having?
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