Am Htg Midterm 2 Ch 6

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  1. sovereignty
    ultimate political power
  2. republic
    public thing, citizens of the political state to govern themselves
  3. republican problem
    the question of how the benefits of self-government can be enjoyed without incurring its inherent problems
  4. constitutional mechanisms
    parts of the constitution that help organize and control power
  5. constitutional structure
    the nature and arrangement of mechanisms in a constitution that organize the government
  6. auxiliary precautions
    structure in the government to make it more difficult for power to become concentrated in any one group's hands, seen by the founders as a backup system to virtue
  7. constitutional drift
    when power in the government does not remain where it was originally placed
  8. confederation
    defensive alliance among sovereign equals
  9. bicameral legislature
    a legislature in which there are two separate divisions or houses
  10. proportional representation
    when a state or districts representation in a house of government is determined by its population
  11. federalism
    dividing powers between the national ans state governments
  12. Hume's filter/indirect election
    • indirect election: when government officials are elected by previously chosen representatives, and not directly by the people
    • filters of consent: when the people select the most virtuous representatives, who in turn select even more virtuous government officials
  13. separation of powers
    dividing powers of government between the three branches
  14. checks and balances
    bridging the separation of powers between branches of government by placing part of each power within two separate branches
  15. counterpoise
    a force, influence, of weight that counterbalances another
  16. John Adams
    founding father and proponent of a bicameral legislature, 2nd president of the US
  17. James Madison
    4th president of the US and founding father, "father of the constitution", co-authored the federalist with hamilton and jay, helped jefferson create the democratic-republican party
  18. James Wilson
    a primary framer of the constitution, proposed the 3/5 compromise for slave representation and election of the president by the people, key in pennsylvania's ratification of the constitution
  19. Roger  Sherman
    connecticut delegate to CC, proposed the great compromise of one legislative house having proportional representation while the other having equal representation
  20. Gouverneur Morris
    pennsylvania rep at the constitutional convention, credited with authoring large sections of the constitution including the preamble
  21. Charles Pinckney
    south carolina rep at CC, strong promoter of federalism, helped persuade the ratification of the constitution in south carolina
  22. William Paterson
    new jersey rep at CC, presented new jersey plan which gave equal representation to states regardless of size or population
  23. George Mason
    virginia rep at CC, refused to sign the constitution because it did not contain a declaration of rights
  24. Benjamin Franklin
    founding father, leading printer, scientist, inventor, and diplomat, helped secure france as an ally during the revolutionary war
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