Am Htg Midterm 2 Ch 7

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  1. federalists
    a political group that was for the ratification of the constitution
  2. anti-federalists
    political group that was against the ratification of the constitution
  3. the federalist
    series of essays published in new york newspapers under the pseudonym Publius for the express purpose of gaining support for the ratification of the constitution, written by james madison, alexander hamilton, and john jay
  4. natural rights
    fundamental rights granted by nature that government cannot abrogate and which government is bound to protect
  5. civil rights
    rights defined using narrow concrete language, full of specific terms an qualifiers
  6. "the great oughts"
    natural rights that don't proclaim an "is" so much as an "ought" about the world - the way things "should" be
  7. judicial review
    power of the supreme court to rule on the constitutionality of laws
  8. Edmund Randolph
    governor of virginia and delegate to the CC, proposed madison's virginia plan but ultimately refused to sign the constitution because it had no bill of rights, instrumental in persuading virginia to ratify it
  9. Samuel Adams
    second cousin to John Adams, massachusetts statesman and organizer of the boston tea party, served  in CC and signed declaration of independence, opposed to a strong central government
  10. Alexander Hamilton
    served as 1st secretary of treasury under washington and founded the federalist party, co-wrote the federalist and championed a strong central government
  11. John Jay
    founding father, president of the CC, co-wrote the federalist with hamilton and madison, served as the 1st chief justice of the US supreme court
  12. William Marbury
    a "midnight appointment" by john adams, sued secretary of state james madison for delivery of his own commission, which was being withheld by order of president jefferson
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