Am Htg Midterm 2 Ch 8

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  1. federalist party
    political party founded by hamilton and john adams that envisioned a great western empire with a stong federal government and a broad interpretation of the constitution
  2. democratic-republican party
    political party founded by madison and jefferson that championed a society of self-reliant individuals to protect rights, a smaller federal government, and a narrow and strict interpretation of the constitution
  3. electoral college
    the group of electors selected by the people who are responsible for the selection of the president
  4. loyal opposition
    when losers in the political game continue to support the system, even when the system is against their ideology
  5. original consent
    giving consent to a provision or law the first time, such as the ratification of the constitution
  6. plurality
    receiving the largest percentage of the votes
  7. periodic consent
    giving continuing consent at certain intervals (through means such as elections) to a provision or law to which original consent has already been given
  8. filtered consent
    when the selection of government officials is distanced from direct election by the people in order to protect against mob rule and public whim, including indirect election, time between elections, and size of representative regions
  9. single representative disctricts
    representational structure where each geographical region elects its one representative independent of outcomes in other regions
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