Am Htg Midterm 2 Ch 10

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  1. popular campaigning
    promoting candidates as being from (and therefore representing) the common masses, rather than as elite gentlemen-politicians
  2. political convention
    large meeting of party delegates for the purpose of nominating candidates often held with much pomp and ballyhoo
  3. political machine
    group of party loyalists organized to deliver the vote on election day, historically they often used questionable or illegal means such as buying votes or intimidation at eh polls
  4. Thomas Jefferson
    3rd president of the US, principal author of the declaration of independence and founding father, founded democratic-republican party and promoted the idea of a small federal government
  5. Andrew Jackson
    7th president of the US, championed US as democracy, pushed for more political involvement by the common man, vetoed the US banks charter and made other reforms to keep the federal government small
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