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  1. This persons most important contribution to develop the scientific method on deduction and reasoning to from general principle to arrive at specific facts.
    Rene Descartes
  2. This historic event was gradual, depended on prior knowledge and involved a few hundred brilliant people working separately
    The Scientific Revolution
  3. Galileo believed that  all aspects of nature could decided in terms of these relationships.
    Mathematical relationships
  4. Women of this social class usually achieved the greatest freedom to pursue new sciences
    Artisan class
  5. This person made a famous wager: it is best to believe God exists and stake everything to gain the lost
    Blaise Pascal
  6. This term refers to the social, political, and economic relationships that were prevalent in Europe before the French Revoluton
    Ancien Regime/ old regime
  7. In the 15th century, this European population was the single wealthiest but did not posses considerable political power.
  8. French noble were technically responsible for the payment of this "income tax".
  9. This was the economic basis of 18th century life
  10. This term refers to the practice of moving away from one's parents to set up one's newly married life .
  11. This astronomer set forth the fact that the orbits of the planets are elliptical
    Johanes Kepler
  12. This english thinker was known as the father of empiricism
    Francis Bacon
  13. This writer criticized the Royal Society, for replacing scholastic speculation with experimental speculation
    Margaret Cavendish
  14. This English thinker addressed the issue of planetary motion and established a basis for physics
    Issac Newton
  15. In the early 16th century, the standard explanation of the place of the Earth in the heavens combined the work of these two ancient thinkers
    Ptolemy and Aristotle
  16. This regions families usually had 3 or 4 generations living in one household
    Eastern Europe
  17. This economy dominated the life of skilled urban artisans
    family economy
  18. This new world product allowed a more certain food supply in Europe
  19. This Russian document resisted increasing monarchical control over traditional aristocratic privileges.
    Charter of Nobility
  20. European industrialization overcame this economy
    Economy of scarcity.
  21. In the 16th century, this was a trade often pursued by elderly or widowed women
  22. This Flemish man was the leading religious painter of the Catholic Reformation
    Peter Paul Rubens
  23. These supernatural pursuits ended because they threatened society with anarchy
    the witch hunts
  24. This English philosopher saw human beings as self-centered creatures
    Thomas Hobbes
  25. This industry pioneered the Industrial Revolution
    Textile Industry
  26. Over the course of the eighteenth century, this rose throughout Europe, contributing to increased demand for consumer goods
    disposable income
  27. As the agricultural and industrial rev. progressed the role and importance of this demographic diminished
  28. This was the largest group in 18th century cities
    shop keepers, artisans, and wage earners
  29. In the 18th century, the Jewish population of Europe was concentrated in these three places
    Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine
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