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  1. what do I/O psychologists emphasize?
    structured psychological assessment
  2. 2 major areas of I/O are

  3. What is Personnel Psychology?
    is job analysis, job recruitment, employee selection, and the evaluation of employee performance
  4. What is organization psychology?
    looks at leadership, job satisfaction, employee motivation, and other factor affecting the functioning of the organization
  5. Personnel Psychology) what do recent approaches emphasize in a employment interview?
    combining interview data with other information
  6. Personnel Psychology) Emplyment interviews- they may not be influence by which factors?
    -race, gender, age, weight, and disability
  7. Which Is better a structured or unstructured interview ?
  8. Personnel Psychology) what do employment interviews often involve?
    • search for negative or unfavorable evidence about the applicant
    • *this allows the applicant to be rejected
  9. what are negative factors for a job interview?
    • -poor communication skills
    • -lack of confidence or poise
    • -low enthusiams
    • -lack of eye contact
    • -nervousness
  10. what are positive factors for job interview?
    • -ability to express oneself
    • -self-confidence and poise
    • -enthusiasm
    • -ability to sell oneself
    • -aggresiveness
    • *except if the applicant is a woman
  11. how should an applicant express all the attractive attirbutes in a job interview?
    through nonverbal cues
  12. How should tests be evaluated as?
    in terms of how much they add to what you could know without them
  13. what group is needed for deciding if a job performance is satisfactory or unsatisfactory?
  14. what is the base rate?
    is the likelihood that the individual would do well at the job in any case
  15. what is the hit rate?
    rate at which the test correctly predicts that an individual will meet the criterion of succeeding or failing at the job
  16. what is false positives?
    prediction that the individual will do well when they dont

  17. what is false negatives?
    prediction tht they will fail at the job when they turn out they do well

  18. what is the accuracy rate?
    percentage of the time that the test makes a correct prediction of the outcome
  19. what does the issue of "how many false positives you can tolerate in order not to have any false negative' determine?
    the criterion or cutting score on the test
  20. what did Taylor and Russell develop?
    a method for evaluating the validity fo a test in relation to the amount of information it contributes beyond the base rates
  21. what is the important question regarding tests?
    how much increment of success in selection that is gained by using the test compared to the cost of using the test?
  22. when the validity of the test is high and the selection ratio is low, then..
    the test will be very useful
  23. If the seletion ratio is high and the test valdiity is low then..
    it will be little use
  24. What do Taylor-Russell tables help reveal the futility of certain types of assessment procedures?
    often information that appears to be relevant to an outcome may fail to contribute much to prediction
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