Idioms with Dar

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  1. to face
    dar a
  2. to look upon
    dar a
  3. to come upon
    dar con
  4. to find
    dar con
  5. to wind
    dar cuerda (a)
  6. to give a drink to (to feed)
    Dar de beber (comer) a
  7. to strike against
    dar en
  8. to hit
    dar en
  9. to shout
    dar gritos (voces)
  10. to strike the hour (seven)
    dar la hora (las siete)
  11. to shake hands
    darse la mano
  12. to thank
    dar las gracias
  13. to consider
    dar por + past participle (terminada)
  14. to consider oneself
    dares por + past participle
  15. to give regards to
    dar recuerdos (a)
  16. to realize
    darse cuenta de
  17. to hurry
    darse prisa
  18. to embrace
    dar un abrazo
  19. to take a walk
    dar un paseo
  20. to take a ride (in a car)
    dar un paseo en coche
  21. to take a stroll
    dar una vuelta
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