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  1. Pollution includes
    • 1. fertilizer runoff from golf courses 
    • 2. volcanoes spewing toxic gases into the atmosphere 
    • 3. detergents dumped into streams 
    • 4.Coreleases from coal burning power plants
  2. The highest rate at which a renewable resource can be used indefinitely without reducing its available supply is called
    Sustainable yield
  3. an environmentally sustainable society
    all of these
  4. Using normally resources faster than nature can renew them is called
    degrading natural capital
  5. Effects of pollution might include
    all of these
  6. use of natural resources based on sustainable yields applies to
    renewable resources
  7. Which of the following is one of the root causes of the environment problems
    rapid population growth
  8. which of the following is not an normally effect of poverty
    heart disease and diabetes from society
  9. what is a primary difference between renewable resources and nonrenewable resources ?
    the length of time it takes for them to be replenished
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